What does your baby watch on TV?

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  2. The frozen microwaveable rice from TJs is 💯💯💯💯

  3. Does anyone watch Blaze and the Monster Machines??

  4. My son has been obsessed with Blaze for over a year now! Really like it more than a lot of shows.

  5. We had this issue with trying to adopt a dog so just went to the humane society and adopted instead!

  6. Hey! We use this meal service where they put out a menu out every Thursday and a grocery list. You pick the meals you want and then get your groceries. We've been members for almost 5 years and absolutely love it. They also have a gluten free option. It's not just pop in the oven type thing but if you meal prep the cutting and whatnot ahead of time it's not bad. It's called Cook Smarts!

  7. The amount of Boston terrier mugs I have is a lot 😂

  8. Hbahahah I have one that says “life is better with a Boston terrier” it’s not wrong!!

  9. For sure not!!! I'll never be without one

  10. Looks like the only thing being watched consistently are the backs of eyelids. 😂

  11. Looks tired. Must have been yelling at everyone to get off his lawn.

  12. It's an exhausting job but someone has to do it

  13. We lost our pup to an aggressive brain tumor last year too 😞 I am so sorry for your loss. It's so hard letting them go

  14. I keep coming back to this photo because it cracks me up so much 😂 I love bostons

  15. What we do is take turns. My husband with still with the kids in the morning while I work and then go into the office around 1 then vice versa. I also work some while they play as well. If I know they are staying home I'll wake up and work about a hour and half before they get up and then make up time at night. This way I don't use any sick time

  16. We moved across the country with a 7 week old and 2 year old! I think my only saving grace was my husband's new company paid for packers and movers! We didn't have to do anything. If I had to plan all the movers and pack I think I would of lost my mind. Also my daughter ended up in the hospital with pneumonia the day before the movers arrived and two days before we were to fly out!!! So freaking stressful.

  17. I live in CA as well. There are definitely affordable options for childcare. If you're in the Bay Area PM me! Also check the parks and rec center they have great preschool programs

  18. $57k here for two in Bay Area and add on $50k for rent 😭

  19. OMG. That’ll be a nice break when at least one of the kids starts elementary! I’m in central CA!

  20. One goes to kinder in August!!!!! But freaking aftercare is so pricey too. Hoping to find a cheaper option though haha

  21. We have a eufy. It gets tons of dog hair that would otherwise float around because we don't have time to vacuum more than once a week. It will occasionally get stuck, but almost always in the same place so we blocked that off and it solved the issue. The dog tries to play with it, which can interrupt the cleaning path/sensors and make it take longer, so we try to run it when the dog is in another part of the house. It definitely helps with the day to day maintenance so we just need to do a deeper clean every couple of weeks. I will say it's more useful on hard floors that aren't carpeted. Carpet really drains the battery, though it does have great suction on carpet.

  22. We all get up at 7, get the kids ready, and get them breakfast. Then I get thier lunches and snacks done for the day. They are out the door with dad at 8. I work from home so I don't have to get ready really

  23. My hospital had a nursery and I sent my baby every night! Sleep is important to me. I had both my kids there and I sent them both times. They would bring me the baby every 3 hrs to feed and take them back.

  24. I have two kids are too young to be vaccinated so we are limiting ourselves again. Our biggest risk is preschool and I feel like that's enough. We started going out to eat to restaurants again last year but are stopping for now. Anything indoors we pretty much avoid. Luckily we have a membership to the SF zoo!

  25. The babyletto crib was the only one I could put the baby down into easily! I'm 5 feet even

  26. We have had Bentley Thomas, Henry Oliver, Lola May and Bella Nippleton

  27. We are at almost a year without our pup and I still miss him so much! So sorry about your loss

  28. I definitely do it when I miss them so much!!

  29. Ugh I feel you so much. From July to Sept the kids were in and out of daycare SO MUCH! No help here either so I get it. We had to do 3 quarantines because of a teacher testing positive, then my son got a runny nose, then my daughter got a cough and so on. It's so freaking stressful!! I was feeling so defeated. It passes through! You're Dothan amazing job!

  30. I found that it got easier when my youngest was about 2. She could go up and down the stairs alone, feed herself, and use a kid potty on her own (with a bit of help at the end!).

  31. 2 years old was when it got much easier for us as well! After we had our second things got SO nice after he turned two

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