I feel like crying

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  1. Yeah my bf does this, annoys Tf outta me like are u 5?

  2. You're a strange one aren't you?

  3. Bro. You live with your wife and wank to save money? What's going on here?

  4. You made my morning thank you

  5. Australian here but definitely surrounded by a drinking culture similar to Ireland. Only have 12 days under my belt, I work like crazy to try and keep my mind and body occupied however I have today afternoon and all of tomorrow off. Trying to keep myself busy but at times is gets really difficult as most of the people I know are heavy drinkers and even whilst sober I like to be a very social person.

  6. I don't know if something has changed recently. I am trying my best to stand and hold my hand out for more than an hour to ask for a lift on Huon Road, Hobart. More than 50 cars passed by and no one stopped. 🙁

  7. Oh damn, how much of tasmania have you hitched? I'm thinking of heading on a trip soon around the north when I have a few days off work.

  8. Calculated how much mula that racks up too?

  9. Nice, it's like a Thai thali!!

  10. $800 the past week on booze and meth, back to second day of sobriety.

  11. Being able to make someone's day through food will always be special to me. Plus I get fucking high of the pressure when things get crazy in the kitchen.

  12. Ahhh nice to hear I'm being thought about, why is that?

  13. I'm and alcoholic and addict yet there is no other rush than being fully in the fucking weeds, I love it and always will. I'm a sucker for that adrenaline, nothing like it!

  14. Sure, but if you leave they have to go through the trouble of replacing you and if you're literally there by yourself then that doesn't sound super easy for them

  15. Oh shut up you insensitive fool

  16. Not really, work as a line cook and have 5 days off. Can't wait to get back into the kitchen.

  17. Makes me wonder if other countries are the same or if it's because Americans are so rude about having to wait for things.

  18. I'm a line cook in Australia, when shit hits the fan here things are very much the same haha. But no matter how stressful things get I'll forever love this job. I'm a bloody glutton for punishment I guess.

  19. Good luck chef, hope service is going well!

  20. Don't worry all the new waitresses think that we are as well.

  21. Thank you for this post, thank you so much.

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