1. Makes me wonder if other countries are the same or if it's because Americans are so rude about having to wait for things.

  2. I'm a line cook in Australia, when shit hits the fan here things are very much the same haha. But no matter how stressful things get I'll forever love this job. I'm a bloody glutton for punishment I guess.

  3. Good luck chef, hope service is going well!

  4. Don't worry all the new waitresses think that we are as well.

  5. Thank you for this post, thank you so much.

  6. Docket printer ran out of paper, my dumbass didn't notice as it was mid dinner service on a weekend. Me and my other line cook noticed there were no dockets left for us to cook, refilled the printer which then spat out 25 dockets. It was just the two of us so had to churn it all within 20 mins, thankfully no pissed off customers.

  7. What exactly do you love about the industry? Is it the long hours on your feet or the never having a whole weekend? Maybe it’s the shit pay or the endless repetitive prep? Or is it the relentless stress or service? You’re fucking insane if you still love this bullshit

  8. I don't work long hours any more, got out of toxic kitchens a long time ago. Now I do casual prep work at a pIzza place once a day and also work at schnitzel bar for roughly 20 hours a week. I love food and cooking and am able to learn so much from the chefs who are extremely patient and willing to teach me what they've learnt over the years. Also love repetitive prep, has become very meditative haha.

  9. Cheap mozza and cheddar unfortunately

  10. Yeppo, our weekly pizza cheese grating

  11. We're all ugly smelly fools

  12. Australia practically has no culture.

  13. Sensation seeking is a character trait... I'm ten years sober and find sensations in sex (wifesharing and the likes) and in other hobbies.

  14. I'm constantly finding new things to do, mountain biking, trail running, started playing a shit ton of music and amongst many other hobbies lots and lots of fucking haha.

  15. I can relate to all of this so thank you so much for the list, it's a great little reminder. Especially not having ASSPISS all day every fucking day.

  16. Congrats man, very happy for you and your new life!

  17. A year and a half ago I came across a neo nazi recruiter who was trying to get people to join his organisation right in front of me. I'm a brown bearded guy haha. Unfortunately I have come across a number of situations like this.

  18. D is that you? You are very welcome!

  19. Congrats on getting sober and changing from being what you describe a chaotic alcoholic mess to your current self. The road probably wasn't easy, but you kept on track and now reap what you sowed. I'm happy for you!

  20. Those are very kind words, it wasn't and still has it's difficulty at times but definitely worth staying sober and clear headed.

  21. Whilst showering, shitting and shaving yes

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