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  1. I think it's very possible we could be worse and still be the best team in the comp.

  2. It's really hard to know how to fight a guy who's prepared to just slam his own head into the ground

  3. What does he have to show for it? Aside from the premierships, the brownlow, presumably a Norm Smith as well? Not much else. Basically a spud.

  4. Take away those 305 games and what is he? Some guy who never made it.

  5. Amazing, but who has more contested possessions than Joel? It's only a recent stat too

  6. Society would very much collapse if everyone I didn’t know dies

  7. 2018 has been in turn stripped from West Coast and given to Collingwood given Dom Sheed's suspected ties to Vladimir Putin (they both have the same number of letters in their surname, and the same number of vowels. The evidence is irrefutable.)

  8. Andrew Demetriou's alternate account here, I fucking love Meatloaf

  9. I normally say about someone that I wouldn't attend their funeral

  10. What are you talking about? It’s super realistic to work 3 hours a day twice a week as a coffee barista, make 150k a year, afford a huge apartment in NYC and have fun with your friends all the time

  11. To be fair, would you want to watch a show where people sit at work all day?

  12. I really enjoyed having that kind of performance against Sydney. Not because I hate them, but because I respect them probably more than any other club.

  13. Easier to say that in retrospect. Show us your tips from 12 months ago

  14. Pretty sure I didn't have Essendon as a grand finalist 12 months ago

  15. I feel like Hawkins can play on for a while. His style of play is sustainable I think

  16. I find it really strange how a lot of people associate retirement with age rather than decline. Like, if you're 33 you should call it quits no matter how good you are.

  17. The Melbourne game for me is when we asserted ourselves as the best team in the comp

  18. Give them a break, they've only got about 8 more hours left to enjoy it where as we'll have six months.

  19. How much you run in a game is largely up to you. Most clubs have some wingmen who rack up kms (not 15km but still a lot) and others who will sit at FF all day and move less than 1km.

  20. Well this ends the myth that Ricciardo doesn't know how to drive and his f1 car is driven by remote control

  21. Many! I’m driving from the event… I’ll probably give you the deets tomorrow

  22. Okay great, now all you have to do is bring your ID and child's birth certificate with you to the coffee shop, after having waited behind all the other mothers who have had to painstakingly prove they are parents to cut in front of a handful of students, minimum wage workers, people who couldn't have children, and others.

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