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  1. Man I don't even have road hierarchy, my cities are comprised of 99% two lane streets, never have traffic.

  2. Yeah, I'm in this school of planning. Road hierarchy can result in chokepoints as drivers gravitate to the roads with higher speed limits. A well-interconnected web of roads that look near-equally good to drivers seems to spread the traffic out.

  3. I found this out the hard way too. If I remember correctly we kept walking around and found access underground at Jones Hall.

  4. If my visits during the month of October are typical, you have nothing to worry about through the afternoons. I didn't hang around through closing, so I couldn't tell you if it got busier in the evenings.

  5. I wonder if Metro would expand the rail now with the World Cup coming to Houston in 2026

  6. No. Actually, the Red Line was originally built around the same time as Reliant/NRG Stadium, Minute Maid Park, and Toyota Center

  7. Yeah but with the influx of visitors from all over the world I would hope we at least get a rain that connects downtown and it’s hotels to IAH or Hobby

  8. Based on Metro's previous history, I'd say we're already out of time for that, unfortunately -- they'd probably spend the next four years just looking for funding. The most likely scenario is for temporary expansion of bus service with dedicated routes targeted at visitors. During the Super Bowls I remember Metro ran express buses out of the Galleria area -- don't forget we have a cluster of premium hotels out there too!

  9. Alief is almost entirely serviced by municipal utility districts, not the City of Houston. There may be an interconnect and there's certainly subdivisions off Westpark/Dairy Ashford affected, but this plant was on the east side of Houston. Alief didn't lose water pressure. The chances of contaminated water being distributed through Alief are nil. Be concerned. Be aware. But I don't think this is cause for outrage.

  10. Yes, the western portion of Alief ISD (the school district, not whatever is popularly considered Alief as a "place") is covered by MUDs. But those MUDs mostly stop around Synott. The school district continues eastward towards Gessner and those portions of southwest Houston contain a lot of people . . . and presumably a lot of schools.

  11. LOL -- I was completely into the postseason, starting with the city hall pep rally and ending with the victory parade. I also don't have any kids enrolled in school and respect the hassle incurred by parents sent scrambling for alternative arrangements on very short notice. Therefore I must love and hate sportsball simultaneously -- deal with it!

  12. For those unaware, Kingwood, which is A PART OF HOUSTON, is not affected by this boil notice. Kingwood, you can keep on sippin' that liquid gold, boil free.

  13. I find that interesting since Lake Houston is the main source of Houston drinking water. So over there they play in it but drink something else. . . .

  14. That link takes me to a Facebook discussion about the Clear Lake area.

  15. Spring Branch ISD will also close tomorrow.

  16. Because Houston has stupid parking minimums between 2.5-4 spaces per 1000sf. Any mixed use or residential would need even more parking than the lot provides, so the first floors would all be a garage. The higher you go the more construction costs increase and the lower the chances that the housing is affordable. Get rid of the parking minimums and downtown will start to look like a normal city rather than 80s post oil boom hellscape.

  17. In 2019, parking minimums got relaxed in Downtown, Midtown, and East Downtown

  18. My mistake. Young fellow wanted to try it but Turkey is not really a thing in our culture . We were busy last couple days with family and friends. Trying to makeup it up for it now.

  19. I get it -- we moved to Texas when I was a kid, it took a while to get acquainted with regional dishes like chicken fried steak, enchiladas, crawfish boils, etc. I love that your youngster is open to experiencing new things!

  20. I most definitely had tram stops on elevated segments aka bridge ages ago.

  21. Ah . . . to date I had been having enough fun with the vanilla game assets that I've barely scratched the surface of what's offered in the workshop. It would have never crossed my mind to look for new kinds of tram roads.

  22. Lots of people at home cooking and putting a heavy draw on the electric grid, then shit happens.

  23. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner shouldn't have been a difficult load on the grid. The mild temperatures should have had HVAC systems (usually the biggest electrical draws in houses) mostly idle yesterday.

  24. If you’re ever in Houston and you like this artist. There is a free exhibit of his at the Menil Museum. It’s huge! I never liked his art but the works are pretty massive.

  25. Went scrolling down to see if anyone else mentioned the Cy Twombly Gallery (an entire separate building!) at The Menil Collection. I visited and just came away just thinking about how I got in trouble as a kid by doing stuff like that to our walls at home! But . . . apparently all that is required to become a Very Important Artist is to have at least one uber-wealthy person fall in love with your stuff.

  26. His massive bet on the Astros sure sets a great example for our kids. (sarcasm)

  27. Actually if the kids bring up the topic of Mack's sports wagering, I'd love it if parents took the opportunity to talk about the meaning behind the phrase "hedging your bets." This is just a flashier form of insurance AKA controlling the downside. If the Astros had lost, Mack loses his wager . . . but also doesn't have to refund all those mattress purchases.

  28. Same, but some callers get pissy that they're being screened (the audacity) that they hang up...

  29. Anyone who doesn't have the patience to deal with that is unlikely to be someone I want to talk to anyway!

  30. My wife and I give some of the staff assistants in our respective offices visa gift cards each Christmas. This involves buying 8-12 $100 cards at once. I usually go to H‑E‑B to get them, and to their credit, the folks there make doubly sure you’re not getting scammed.

  31. I heard the scammers will even instruct their target to make up a cover story (like you're buying for the office) to tell the store clerks.

  32. LOL Pearland must be a lot smaller than I thought!

  33. The Kirkwood rebuild has been delayed so much it's a tired joke. But . . . if you drove the section between Buffalo Bayou and Briar Forest you shouldn't have noticed anything wrong because it was completed very recently! It's glorious -- the sidepath on the east side is fantastic for both pedestrians and cyclists!

  34. Houston is incredibly polluted. Like more so than many other places. If you have never looked at the EPA superfund map for Houston, you should.

  35. Yeah, I would have been genuinely confused if Beto had won because it would imply that Texas voters found Abbott a somehow less likeable opponent than Cruz.

  36. When people hear "everything's bigger in Texas" that's probably not what comes to mind first....

  37. Not completely stuck -- Metro's 162 route will take you back to Addicks. Yes, it only runs once per hour and it will be slower because of all the extra stops. But at least it doesn't take a midday break!

  38. They had a legit customer that came with a $12K down-payment. They could have treated her better than basically selling her BS. It's not fraud because she did willingly sign a bad contract but they convince her to a bad one. It's basically leading someone into a trap.

  39. What you're missing is that the big downpayment is actually threatening to a dealership. These days they basically make almost nothing from selling the car and almost everything from fees and financing. Big downpayment means a smaller loan they are able to finance . . . so now they're looking to "make up for it" in other ways.

  40. Putting your trash in the trash can would seem to be a simple act. Perhaps we need a PSA campaign and a module for public schools. I use Metro and am regularly aghast at the garbage people leave behind. Eating is against the rules, and still I see empty fast-food bags and boxes all over the floor and seats. I realize some people are short on time and eating on the way home from work, but still. How much more pleasant our city would be if people took care of their own debris.

  41. It sounds like you have managed to miss all of the

  42. I’ve never seen a more disgusting group of people than the Houston littering group. Among all the atrocities I’ve seen, the couple that rolled their windows down and emptied an entire bag full, or what looks like 10 trips to Popeyes worth, at a stop sign as if it was their own triple park was particularly astounding. Pure class

  43. "Houston littering group"? Are you implying that these are coordinated activities by an organization?

  44. Beware if you're going to Disney on ice or Nutcracker - it is a shit show and will take almost an hour to get in. Can attest- got there by 1020, but didn't get to see the show until 1120

  45. Wondering where the delays are happening -- was it people trying to park cars, or was it long lines to get through the venue gates/security?

  46. A decade ago I thought Portland was a liberal city. Now I think their police force is filled with nazis. Their reputation has slipped.

  47. Unsurprising. Many police departments are staffed with officers that don't actually live in the communities they patrol.

  48. The good news is that the club of people who don't own property in West U, River Oaks, and the Villages is a pretty big one. You won't be lonely!

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