1. Do you know any exchanges which allow quick transfer to take advantage of these opportunities which disappear quickly?

  2. The money needs to be there ready to strike.

  3. How would an algo like that work. I’m hard time trying to intuitively think how arb would work without a transfer

  4. Example; arb on BTC-USDT between Kraken and Kucoin. Assume you want to maintain $10k per asset.

  5. Good on him... could easily say nothing, but takes a stand. He wants the fighting to stop, so I know the blood thirsty crowd here won’t like that message.

  6. Everybody wants the fighting to stop. The difference is why it stops: Because russia fell back to pre 2014 borders, returned the kidnapped, and paid reparations, or because tyranny was allowed to run roughshod over democracy.

  7. Crimean Parliament created the referendum, people voted in favor to join Russia. That was peaceful. Donbas tried to get a referendum and were met with force by Ukraine.

  8. Do you have a link to the actual Mossad report...or is this just talk? A google search reveals a bunch of .ru links. Not very inspiring reporting here.

  9. Google only allows search results that support the narrative.

  10. Use Brave or Duck Duck Go. I found some stuff on Brave’s search engine.

  11. I use both of those, also yandex... they all suck.

  12. If you want to witness continuous delusion please take a gander at

  13. Cherry picked... and a grotesque celebration of war and death. You are destroying your own psyche by watching that garbage.

  14. I don’t watch msm so I keep tabs on these subs to see where the narrative is going. It’s important to understand the narrative the empire is telling.

  15. I read them, but NEVER watch the videos.

  16. Every person here: we need to send more weapons to extend the war!

  17. Surprise... un-winnable. So really, you are extending and causing more death and destruction. The options suck... peace negotiation will be land to Russia for peace. Personally, I think the people in the annexed areas will mostly be better off. There will be some who will decide to leave and stay in the remaining Ukraine

  18. And that’s creepy Paul pelosi bottom center with a stupid Freddy Kruger hat.

  19. It would be easy for him to say nothing, but he will take all the criticism that will surely come his way and stand by his principles. In the end, you know he will deliver a message to push for peace.

  20. I escaped the need to work. But... I did many years in the grind. Been there. I did not fuck anybody over, so no reason to hate— everybody here wishes they could afford to not work.

  21. Some people don’t grasp music. You should quit and never give it a second thought.

  22. Victoria Nuland has entered the chat.

  23. I didn’t get in bed with them like you. You pulled your pants down “hey, boys, over here! Do whatever you want!”

  24. Not sure, but dude on the right is sportin’ a sweet ass Sears Toughskin shirt.

  25. Haters gonna hate! Looks like the Winklevoss twins are going to come through on this!

  26. He was speaking Chinese? Did not sound like it. Brazilian?

  27. That’s the end result of capitalism, when the ruling power is all controlled by corporations and oligarchs.

  28. Can you build your own iphone from scratch? Grow your food, hunt for meat, make your own clothes? Tell me how that happens without capitalism.

  29. Stop being stupid on purpose. Capitalism makes it possible to grow your own food? To make your own clothes? People were doing that for generations before we were subjugated into the oppression of capitalism. Your quickness to pose a dishonest and frankly stupefyingly stupid hypothetical shows you to be a dishonest actor at best. Do please leave your ignorance up so other people can either learn from it or point and laugh as well.

  30. Your ideology is shit if you can’t explain it and instead have a fit. Clown world, man.

  31. Last PHP project I worked on was php 7.2, phalcon framework. It was solid. And even that is old. I am sure it is better now.

  32. This kid needs to pull himself up by the ear straps!

  33. I'm not a CPA or a tax attorney so this is my uneducated thinking out loud.

  34. I agree... you have to sell your crypto to create a taxable event. Some other person does not get to do that on your behalf without permission. Even if they gave back cash, i would buy back the crypto i had and just keep the books as if it was always there. And if it is short... well, that missing crypto never gets sold or taxed... could even be lost as a write off...

  35. I agree that is how it should work. You would probably be fine doing it that way since it would only matter if you gets audited. However, if Gemini issues a 1099 with the details about gemini/genesis selling your crypto then it would increases your chances of being audited greatly.

  36. He said life for many people can go "back to normal" once many of the unvaccinated get vaccinated.

  37. also a lot of alt. left media types like grayzone aka tankies. Really weird and somewhat alarming that "both sides" of the fringe are singing the same russian tune(agenda narrative) at the same time no?

  38. Well, if you actually research, you will find a US bloody coup in 2014, Obama plans to install a NATO base in Crimea at a Russian naval base they had since year 1776. Living in clown world if you thought Russia was going to allow that. So... Crimea was annexed. Then 2021, Zelensky announced plans to de-occupy Crimea by force. Russia responds with a military buildup. Feb 2022, Ukraine seizes six cargo ships out of Sevastopol, Crimea... two weeks later Russia invades.

  39. No, I really don’t need to waste time talking to an idiot. I was nice... I provided a good response, and you reply with your idiocy. Gonna pass on you.

  40. Bitcoin fixes that... unless you have no Bitcoin. Lol

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