1. Meanwood Valley Urban Farm sell recycled/refurbished bicycles at very reasonable prices

  2. Hi Le Fil! As a fellow Yorkshireman I know we don't have the biggest queer or drag scene of the UK, so how did you get your professional start? Do you have drag parents or inspirations that supported your early career? Also, did you know Divina was doing drag, or vice versa?

  3. Manila looks a bit mixed (maybe she is? I forgot). With white skin and a light paint. Also the way she looks in drag she could pass as white sometimes. Raja can look a bit black. Raja is also mixed race iirc and doesn’t have a common Thai face.

  4. Daya remembers :( Infuriated me so much that she got talked down with "your makeup is too much similarity crystal methyd, do something else". Bitch they both learned the same way to paint how can you say that ksksks

  5. It's also a ridiculous critique because it wasn't remotely true. I can't think of a single time Daya's beat looked even vaguely like Crystal (though my memory is not eidetic), and though their taste and fashion can occasionally intersect they come at it from completely different directions - Daya is much more punk, Crystal is pure chaos clown.

  6. i thought it was “girl” in french (fille) but the “le” doesn’t make sense in that context since it would be “la”.

  7. Le Fil uses he/they regardless of drag, and another user recently pointed out that using the French masculine article is probably another layer to his genderbending approach to drag.

  8. I'm not usually the one to jump on pronouns, but Le Fil only uses he and they regardless of drag, and honestly I find that fascinating. It's an excellent way to really solidify their gender bending approach to drag, as well as making a statement about how masculinity can present.

  9. I think Le Fil is going to surprise people with how well rounded he is. Turning looks, performing, quick wit and a healthy dose of self deprecation, I see him going further than people seem to expect

  10. So if Gareth transmitted hepatitis or tuberculosis, that'd be okay, right? Because it's not illegal to withhold that information.

  11. Of course it wouldn't be alright, who said that? It might not be required in law, but if I cared for someone enough to take them as a partner then I would feel a moral obligation to let them know I could transmit an illness, regardless of whether that's HIV, TB, or even something relatively common like chlamydia.

  12. This is currently the subject of a court case in the UK, where Gareth Thomas (a high profile former rugby player) transmitted HIV to a long term partner. The ex is suing him for damages and claiming he took deliberate steps to hide his status, and Thomas' defense is that his ex never asked about his HIV status and he did not feel any responsibility to disclose it. It will be interesting to see how UK law tackles this.

  13. Do schools realise that normal people can't afford to help with funding? They are more skint than a school, need every extra bit of cash to pay for the next hike in energy bills.

  14. A more recent example is Yuri Guaii performing 'Chains' while wearing chains. Could not take my eyes off her, and not just because she was slaughtering Molly.

  15. My absolute favourite moment was when the judges tried to say she limited herself by not being confident in her vocals, and she immediately came back with "Oh no, I never said that, and I maintain I'm the best singer here". That solidified her Nerve for me, to decide that nope, that's not the story you're giving me, but also to do it comedically? Crown her.

  16. Louisiana Purchase, I love your work!

  17. From the UK you should check out Amber Cadaverous, TeTe Bang, Holestar, Venus Dimilo, and Lilly Snatchdragon

  18. Aabz says:

    I think her performances are good but her face is very one-note Edit: not intended as a joke about fillers

  19. I think the work she's had done actually detriments her lipsyncing abilities- the girl literally can't move her face to show emotions. A lipsyncer can bust out all the tricks and stunts they know, but if their face isn't showing any attitude or emoting to the lyrics then it takes me out of it. I'm not certain if Trinity has ever had to perform a ballad or a slower song that requires build-up, but I can't see it going too well for her. Fortunately it hasn't hurt her because she's way too talented in basically every other area so it kind of cancels out (like Jinkx) and she's pretty much booked for the rest of her career.

  20. Only two lipsync performances across all franchises have the power to make me cry- this, and Angele's finale number. The emotions they shared, the empathy they evoked, and the courage they all have to let us see their darkest moments, all combine to create beautiful and powerful performance. When people say drag is just gender play, just camp, just fashion- this is what they need to see.

  21. Tammie Brown. She was there to be herself, have fun, and reprimand the judges.

  22. Okay but as a French I have to say Catherine de Veuve is an incredible drag name tho

  23. I love her, and how she doesn't realize she'a funny. I love her comedy. Lying about her knees (which I'm sure isn't exactly a lie), My English is not very good, and so is this accent, and the look she gave Brad on the roast after explaining Born To Be Brad.

  24. It wasn't even a main challenge, but her performance throughout the entire 'modern art' mini challenge had me in stitches, especially at the end when she destroyed the painting then stopped, dropped and rolled. We stan a safety-conscious queen in this house.

  25. ...i know this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but no one was actually burnt at the stake during the witch trials (fun fact). :)

  26. N..no-one was killed at Stonewall burned at Salem?

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