1. Looking for any number of people to join the International Simulation Football League - a bit different than the normal posts in this thread, but thanks to the

  2. Steelers and Jaguars have gotten rights to market their teams in Ireland (like Saints in France).

  3. I think it's worth noting a few things - his yards are low, but his TDs are very high, as in with 2 more seasons of decent TDs or 1 more season of like 15 TDs, he'd be in top 10 all time.

  4. This is great context. First team All-Pros are definitely at another level than just general All-Pro nods for HOF. I think Adams still fits as "1 great season away", but in the absence of a single great season, 2 or 3 more solid seasons would work too which should be very achievable.

  5. “I don’t want to be called out publicly like he called out the rookies in Green Bay” Jets receivers.

  6. Holding people accountable = refusing to throw to a receiver for 8 weeks because of a single mistake they made in practice one time

  7. To confirm - we do not control the player during the game. That is automatic?

  8. Not to speak on their behalf, but it looks like an RPG-style character creator, with stat points and specializations (and sub-specialties?), and even a backstory.

  9. That's pretty much right! One note is that your player's "experience" is gotten through stuff that you do as a user outside of the simulated games, not sure if that was clear in your explanation.

  10. Yep, pretty much! The teams are run by users who act as general managers and decide on strategies. But the games themselves are computer-controlled simulated games using those strategies. You guide your player's overall build and attributes, but not directly what happens in the game.

  11. We only create a player, not a whole team like

  12. Correct, just one player at a time! You'll be drafted onto teams made up of a bunch of users' players. The teams are user-run so if being a General Manager of a team is of interest to you, that is definitely a possibility down the line!

  13. Cool I’ll spend 40 hours researching what the meta is, 30 hours plotting my players development and characteristics, 15 minutes creating a player, and then forget about the whole thing 2 weeks later

  14. Lol, extremely relatable. l'll say that I think what got me personally to stick around for more than 2 weeks was the active community - getting scouted by actual people for the draft and getting hype with your team in Discord when you watch the game stream together are awesome experiences in the ISFL that aren't really replicated by other things like this. Give it a try, you might end up sticking around!

  15. This sounds terribly awesome and like something I want to do but never will.

  16. Over 400 combined rushing yards.

  17. Do you mind if I remind you for you :)

  18. Was looking to check this out. I went to the position tracker from the Rookie Guide to see what was in high demand and it said the thread was closed. Is there anywhere else I can see what needs the league has?

  19. Hey! Glad you're interested and thanks for pointing this out. This link should work:

  20. When does the recruitment period end? I can’t really do it at this very moment, maybe tomorrow by midday. Is that okay?

  21. That is totally fine! If you create anytime before next Friday (the 9th) you'll be a part of the upcoming DSFL draft class and see your player's name called during the draft stream. Even if you create after that you'll join a DSFL team on waivers.

  22. I'm surprised how close the best 9 seasons are statistically to Mike Boss Sr. The old sim really hurt interception and completion rate numbers but he still holds up pretty well in comparison!!

  23. Even without the keyword this is incredibly overpowered, basically a 2-for-1 counterspell + removal spell for 3 mana which is above rate in pretty much anything outside Legacy.

  24. This is a seriously great design. The "If you cast it" on the trigger is great since having a permanent with ETB wrath on the battlefield is dangerous. As part of a larger environment, you would need to be careful not to create any easy loops that involve returning it to hand and potentially creating a soft lock. But seriously, 10/10.

  25. Are you going to marble-sim the playoffs?

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