1. Pretty sure that even though the entire world will be impacted economically China will end up similarly as Russia is now and will be for some time to come...

  2. Looks like you had 2 slices from other customer's plates that couldn't finish theirs...you're probably gonna be ok

  3. Dunno but I was the channel changer and occasionally antenna placement coordinator...

  4. Nobody wins in that scenario. Both have nukes and have the biggest militaries on earth so there will be mutually assured destruction

  5. Weapons manufacturers will fair pretty well, no one is using nukes...

  6. Did they technically have the capability to? Sure, much in the same way the USA can reduce Beijing to cinders within the hour.

  7. Fookin genius post m8, yes us Americans and our Tim Horton's...

  8. Things are just different in Northern California

  9. Nah not like a wrap, they're just small soft tacos, you're thinking of crunchy taco bell tacos or something which are cool too

  10. Flower is full spectrum, I'm going to assume your cart is distillate so that is why...thc% is a misnomer, overall terpene and cannabinoid profiles play a more direct role with regard to the "high" we know and love

  11. A fool and his money are easily departed...just another gimmick

  12. Pretty happy with the weed, women and weather we have actually

  13. That and personal hygiene, them mofos be stinky

  14. Could probably take out a couple dozen of those little turds

  15. Easy to do, I'm thinking about getting some golden teacher for the weekend, luckily for me it's legal here but you can grow your own really easily if you're interested

  16. This week it's Vanilla Biscotti by Northern Emeralds👌

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