1. Isn’t it like law that you have to choose a bog witch name when you transition?

  2. Its cool, but in same time im scared to think, what horny moders now can create with this! And i will wait for this!

  3. If your character is ill go to the shrine of talos and it will get rid of it

  4. I be expanding my thighs, that’s how I help with expanding it

  5. Idk but personally I keep collecting middle names. I have like 5 middle names right now

  6. Literally one google for “words with the prefix cis” will show you like 50 words. Are terfs incapable of using google? Wait don’t answer that I know they’re selectively incompetent

  7. They're next to each other but there's a big courtyard in between where you can get service from both restaurants.

  8. Honestly With That Username I Find It Hard To Not Think This Is Supposed To Be A Joke, Because Like Who Would Unironically Make That Their Username?

  9. Because Berlin is too 'degenerate'/left-wing for the fascist who originally made the meme /hj

  10. Which is odd because the East in Germany is the more fashy part of the country

  11. Berlin is still leftist because it’s urban. General population rule applies.

  12. I know but Bavaria is like… weirdly progressive, even the Christian Conservative Party is like… openly pro-trans rights

  13. Just commented the same thing. Even with ai and robots people will be required to program and keep up with machine maintenance. Labour is a necessity. Not trying to be a burden of bad news, but some people really think it’s a utopia.

  14. True, but the difference is that the people doing that would be choosing to do that. There’s a difference between “people shouldn’t have to work if they don’t want to” and “no one works even if they wanted to”

  15. No that’s not the case at all. You will HAVE to work to to evolutionize the forces of production to even reach the ideal communist polity. Name me any socialist state where you choose to work. You ask any communist party member in the world and they will laugh at the idea that you will get to “choose to work.”This idea of what communism is, is very idealistic and not material at all. To even compare the current capitalist reality in the west and the highest stage of communism which has never been reached is comparing what is material and what is ideal.

  16. Look, all I mean is this: I shouldn’t have to work 50 hours a week in a job where I don’t get to take a break or as much as sit down, just so I can afford rent and eat. No one should have to live like that. In my ideal world, people would choose to do what they want to do, not what is economically the best option. And yes, in order to uphold a fully-automated system which maintains our needs, people would need to maintain the machines, program them, but I can tell you there are TONS of people who absolutely love doing that kind of shit. Personally, I’d love to sit and tinker with machines all day, study the stars, learn for the sake of learning, and not come home exhausted every morning from having to work all night and, again, finally sit down after 9+ hours on my feet

  17. i wish there was a way to align the railroad and minutemen, that’s the best chance the commonwealth has for stability

  18. I mean, you technically can. Follow the Railroad’s path but get yourself kicked out of the Institute before Underground Undercover finishes. That should activate the quest “Burning Cover” where Desdemona says to infiltrate the Institute with the Minutemen instead

  19. Is there any chance we can do the triple and side with the BOS too

  20. You get those after you talk to certain people during the last quest, when you’re checking out Meridian’s defenses. They’re the decoded versions of Elisabet’s journals. Just make sure you talk to everyone

  21. My version was having an internal existential crisis, looking at the same hands i’ve had my entire life,only to realize, that they are no longer the same hands anymore, with the added thought, “These hands do not belong to a heterosexual.”

  22. I am in the states unfortunately

  23. So, where I work has a similar thing. Unfortunately, at least where I work, the best they can do is make sure that my coworkers respect my name and pronouns when in the store. Because of how the system is integrated, I would need to legally change my name in order to remove my deadname from the system. It’s the same reason why health insurance has to be done with your deadname and not your actual one. It all ties back to legal identity, so you’ll have to legally change your name to change it in their system

  24. How do you use telekinesis while fast travelling? Whenever I click a destination my character stops telekinesing

  25. You need to enchant armor to bring yourself to 100% magicka use reduction for alteration, that way you’ll telekinese it the entire time

  26. This is in Nashville, Tennessee, correct? I wish we could use it as an actual place of worship

  27. Ah see, you didn’t specify what kind of cat, so they probably assumed you had tigers or smth

  28. I don’t have the energy to explain the entire story where it came from, but tldr is that it means “Fuck Biden”

  29. The soft boys must be rounded up and each assigned to a muscle girl.

  30. I’m not interested in pregnancy but self-lubrication would be really good, hope that happens pretty soon.

  31. I think people want to put people into boxes that society has constructed, and, as a lesbian, you don’t fit in the « girl » box your male co-workers have constructed in their own minds because they have no shot with you. So boom, you end up in the « dude » box. It’s reductive and annoying af.

  32. It just goes to show how… unsophisticated the human mind can be sometimes. If an AI did that, we’d say it’s not a real AI and blah blah blah, but then we do that stuff all the time

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