1. Happened a couple times bc you’d be surprised how many guys sexually assault people and its pretty easy to find out if they’re wasted. Usually other people pretend they didn’t learn about it once told and keep hanging out with them, but cut off contact immediately and if there’s any specific way to help the victim if you have a personal connection to them, give what support you can.

  2. When we’re talking about segregation, self-segregation or otherwise, especially with Los Angeles, the history matters a lot, socio-economics matters a lot, and immigration matters a lot. LA was (is) formally and ‘in’formally segregated until later than a lot of places, especially in certain parts. Depending on how long people have lived here and the degree they feel they can/need to assimilate more into the dominant culture (which a lot of people simply dont feel the need to as much as some places since we have such a massive immigrant and first-gen population), and depending on how much money they have, they end up being around other immigrants largely. The next gen tends to integrate more, get more opportunities, but also has the opportunity to hold pretty strong to people who speak their language, come from their culture, etc. Not as much need or desire to ‘integrate’ into the dominant culture, something I think is really cool.

  3. I’m doin this exact drive rn actually, in Portland rn. But I did the whole coast coming up. You got a lot of good suggestions, take em and run. Have a great trip!

  4. RPV is one of the most expensive areas of LA. I went to high school there. Trump has a golf course there, it’s hyper conservative and extremely isolationist. Good luck to anyone shipped there lol

  5. I mean ya, used to wait 2-3 hours some days for a bus that wasn’t full. How it goes ya know

  6. Yep, I think Foucault and Deleuze are good here. Foucault, like others said, for the biopower panopticon element, everyone knows resistance will be punished cruelly socially and politically and leave them irrelevant and broken. Deleuze for notions of ‘capture’, that to escape capitalism we need to become incapturable, political social cultural movements need to be effectively so dynamic as to be uncapturable by majoritarian systems of power and influence. We’re in a situation where everyone’s facing such immense pressure from debt to a lack of any time for personal life let alone collective that they cant possibly commit time to social change, as that means giving up any hope for a personally gratifying or even symbolically gratifying personal life. What Berlant calls “slow death”, long commutes, drug and alcohol abuse in a community or in ones life, the slow killing of people through a lack of access or cheap/free access to basic needs, an inability to access social mobility, having too many roommates, expenses, etc that pile up. The deliberate death of the city that makes it difficult to navigate where you live/work without following planned-out paths, lack of access to parks, public space, accessible restrooms, water, cheap food/goods, public transport, public ed.

  7. Had this happen four different times either with porn or nudes, each time I think everyone just gets over it. Bound to happen I guess but still really really awkward. Hope they dont get fired lol.

  8. Ohhh the fuckin ‘cream’ scene Its supposed to make you viscerally uncomfortable without miso, with miso it makes me want to smash everything in my apartment

  9. I’m an anthropologist, in short domination is always a potential based on one’s context- to the degree structures, systems, social culture allows/reproduces domination, people are going to learn, relearn, and unlearn domination. If a society cuts down culturally and structurally on the potentials for domination and provide people with needs as well as a degree of access to luxuries and opportunity, people act through domination less generally. Domination is just based off of the potential to dominate, and this is core to anarchist theory.

  10. I love doing that. Bring a bottle of wine and some basic groceries, make her dinner, talk into the night, and go to sleep wherever she wants you to. Clean up after yourself and leave before you’ve overstayed your welcome. Done it plenty of times, it’s always sweet.

  11. I mean, along with what other people said, the cultural relativism angle fits in here pretty well. People don’t live in Alaska ignorant of the fact that Texas or California is warm, they live in Alaska being embedded in the context of Alaska. They’re used to and understand how to live in a place like that and that place and all its elements feel normal and probably to many preferable to anywhere else. But they might want to leave out of curiosity or disinterest in their status quo. They might want access to other foods other experiences climates or opportunities. And the whole group doesn’t have to come with them, but maybe their friends will.

  12. I’ll be honest, the times i’ve had unfaithful partners, it was easy to see their side. The main one was in college and we were kind of medium distance, spent a lot of time talking on the phone and traveling to see eachother and missed out on a lot. I understood why she did it and even though I was angry, it wasn’t a ‘everything in my life fell apart because you were stupid’ situation. I actually transitioned into open/poly relationships for a while after. Then got into a monogamous relationship where the person was extremely abusive towards me. Then went back to open/poly.

  13. Usually when I decide to move in with people to have friends, they become friends and I become the agitated outcast. It’s up to you and depends on how you are. But i’d say have people over, make friends outside your home.

  14. Symptoms then are, “the states into which we fall when the process [of life] is interrupted, blocked or plugged up. Illness is not a process but a stopping of the process’

  15. The voodoo imperial is my go-to at home or hoofin it, ideal setup ha

  16. Would really like to hear about the community volunteer aspect and how that went. Did you know any of them before? How’d you get the word out?

  17. Can you show me an example of what to do? Thanks for the help!

  18. Go on youtube and check out a video on ‘how to make reflectix window covers’, you’ll find a bunch. Mine are done pretty poorly and unevenly but they do the trick because you just squash em in. Have used them for 2 months almost no difference from when I made them.

  19. Like other people, i’d say New School or a UC, finding a UC with a specific critical theory emphasis isn’t entirely the right move imo, go to Berkeley or nothing. Other UC’s wont compare in any way to HU even if they have a specialized department and you’ll end up in Irvine or Davis which coming from Berlin will be hell. Go to NYC or Berkeley.

  20. My misophonia flares with people who know I have miso and understand what I need from them but dont change their habits (usually pretty basic asks like chewing with mouth closed). With people who dont know its not as bad at all. Or if i’m annoyed with someone anyways.

  21. Hope you don’t get sea sick, I work on those oil platform field sometimes it gets rough out there. You get those southwest swells and wind it gets little choppy.

  22. Oh damn, do you get on the boat off the pier to go out there? Always wondered how it is being out on one of those things.

  23. I’m a sub with LBUSD and have been to Avalon High many times. I’ve only been there to ref basketball games though. (This was before I began subbing) If you have the time to commute back and forth you should take it! It’s always an adventure, the staff and students are really nice, and the campus is a quick walk from the dock. Hope that helps!

  24. Absolutely! Was just curious whether there’s any catch or weird issues to know about. Thanks though awesome

  25. Bro, for my ppl that love humboldt i make them a Humboldt Themed Gift Basket, im talking shirt, humboldt hand soap from the fern valley homies, humboldt jerky, some redwood little gift in thete, if they smoke some herbals if they dont some herbals, local humboldt companies make some dank tea, pick up a cute lil basket from Mirandas rescue thrift shop in fortuna, or the no profit pf your choice. Always a winner gift. Just an idea. Best of luck.

  26. Oo I like that a lot, thanks for all those.

  27. Can get that back home aint special enough lol

  28. So my go to is rest stops and by big condos if i’m pressed. I dont know if you’re comfortable with this, (i’m a 6’4 guy, different for me from most people), but the best way to find spots i’ve found is to talk to unhoused people, to find other people who sleep in their car, and if you’re in a place with a food not bombs, they can be helpful sometimes. Find the people in a similar situation if you can or who know people in a similar situation. Usually the best spots have amazing views or along a coast/by water.

  29. I don't believe it's classified as such now, and I think some of that is it not being in the DSM as a standalone disorder. Still, I think it potentially could be in the future. It's a neurological condition which does result in the brain processing certain stimuli differently from what's considered to be the norm, which I imagine is a defining factor of divergency (just hypothesizing though, not an expert).

  30. Calling yourself neurodiverse has nothing to do with deservedness, there’s no guilt in being or calling yourself neurodiverse.

  31. I agree and get that logically, and I'm supportive of others who might choose to do so. I know a lot of it is my own issues with feeling the right to take up space in communities where others have a harder time, even though I know it's not the olympics of suffering. I hope this didn't sound like I don't think anyone in my situation should -- it's just my own feelings about myself and not wanting to speak to a movement in which my perspective is so limited.

  32. No that’s fair to a degree, but i’m autistic and from the outside and technically in a lot of ways on the inside don’t struggle as much as someone. But like with anything else, stratifying who deserves to take up space can be more problematic than just being a part of helping eachother and growing community. Taking up space isn’t about minimizing others’ struggles in exchange for ones own or taking needed resources, it’s about adding your own efforts and providing resources and support and learning to contribute. If you’re a part of the community, you can help others and learn from them, if you cut yourself off, it’s harder to do that especially from a priveleged perspective ya know? I respect the humility though, its sweet

  33. i thought theyd already release waitlist decisions by now 😭

  34. I got mine like 3 weeks before school started lol

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