1. Portland, OR: you can literally admit to committing arson and not get in trouble.

  2. Don’t forget to taunt neighbors on next door about your crimes, using your real name! The social contract is in flames in Portland.

  3. Well done. The music is very good and does well to capture the spirit of the game.

  4. You’ll notice flexibility decreases and increased recovery time from injuries and big workouts in your 30s. Into your late 30s, stuff like yoga, diet, and proper sleep become critical if you want to maintain volume.

  5. Everyone who lives in this city should carry pepper gel. It's inexpensive, easy to use and practice with in your back yard, totally legal.

  6. Get the fusion and you can go to timberline if it’s too warm at skibowl.

  7. Agreed the fusion pass is a good choice. Meadows has good terrain but during bad weather (aka good snow) it’s further from town and will be crowded as they close lifts. Getting stuck down at HRM or shooting star for 30 minutes really kills it.

  8. Legendary AI reads your inputs and counters you based on that. So they do know what you’re going to do before you do it. It’s also pretty much impossible to escape joint submissions if they catch you.

  9. Eastsider, no political power or money. Charter reform proposal is garbage. This sub's support for it is garbage.

  10. You’re happy with how life’s going on the east side, and given how functional local government has been here the last 7 years, you think the current system will improve it? I can’t see our current system improving our lives and don’t trust local politicians to support an alternative in good faith.

  11. Change for the sake of change is not necessarily better.

  12. Having city councilors represent geographic districts, while introducing ranked choice voting will lead to people in office more in tune to the needs of their constituents. That will certainly be change for the better. Perfect doesn’t have to be the enemy of good, but it is here far too often.

  13. I agree. JB was my first premium and is now my most played ship. The rise of high DPM fire throwers, and to a lesser extent CVs (which limit your ability to play at the edge of your concealment with megalomania) really took the edge off the bow in play style. There are also many ships you’ll see that can overmatch you through the bow or break both guns early in the game. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a really fun ship, but not the OP counter less monster it once was.

  14. CAFs will have like one strong discipline, ok in a second, and weak in the rest. The people who bust out the silly taunts and toxic gameplay are usually the first ones who quit when you take them down, and deny once into a sub attempt.

  15. What happens when there are two cars and two bikes all meeting at once in this lane? Planned mayhem? I don’t get it.

  16. Did anything ever happen to that one cop who hit the guy over the head for coming out of his house to ask why the police were teargassing the neighborhood?

  17. He was the investigator who cleared the cop of wrongdoing in this case. You can’t make this stuff up.

  18. At this point, we’re 6 weeks out from Election Day. The establishment figures that oppose this measure, some who ran successful campaigns on supporting it, have yet to provide any meaningful alternatives. I don’t think it’s perfect but will certainly be better than what we have. In particular ranked choice voting will lead to higher quality candidates in office.

  19. Does the last part mean that you have 30 days to request a refund on products which receive a negative change?

  20. It leads to the same equation like Weimar . So yes , either way you keep the ship with the *negatives* changes or you request a refund with a ticket to get doubloons back. That what I understand from the paragraphs stated.

  21. Thanks for the reply. Section 9.6 is talking about refunds to your bank account. Are they putting cash refunds for nerfed ships on the table?

  22. Takes a few minutes to set up consoleport then it works great. I’ve been questing on my deck and did some AV last weekend. Muscle memory is different for sure but it’s nice to have such a flexible device.

  23. Are you streaming to the deck or did you install WoW on it? Just got the deck and trying to figure out non-steam games on it.

  24. So you like where the city is headed and think our politicians and form of government will improve things?

  25. don't get too confident, those old heads hold a lot of power and sway - i've seen more press focused on the detractors than the supporters so far

  26. Don’t forget the money. There will be millions in dark money thrown at this ballot measure to defeat it, some of it raised and directed by the very politicians who stand to lose power when it passes.

  27. Do you enjoy living in the dumpster fire that our current form of government has produced? Do you believe Ted Wheeler during his 6th year in office will suddenly throw a cape on, enlist Mingus Mapps and Dan Ryan as sidekicks and improve quality of life for residents? Voting Yes. on this one will be easy for me, as a resident of this city for a decade.

  28. It’s always a wild ride when you turn off historical AI, but the game can get predictable with it on, especially after you play enough countries and have enough experience with the game and learn the timing of how things happen.

  29. Weather.gov is the only truth, and it’s looking clear again after today until the weekend.

  30. He should have been tried as an adult and face felonies for it.

  31. 15 year olds make terrible decisions. He should have the ability to make amends with society and get a second chance, and will.

  32. Hey you edited the post after I replied. Nothing else you do for the subreddit will matter if the core idea of Reddit, a space for free speech and exchanging ideas, isn’t upheld.

  33. The post was the same one year before with the edit . Please use the modmail to discuss any problems with the moderation actions . This is a feedback and suggestions.

  34. If that’s true then thanks for pointing it out. A friendly reminder that someone is breaking decorum is certainty better than silent shadow banning and exclusion.

  35. Yeah… modern blizzard only cares about $$ this quarter, not player experience and retention.

  36. Millions were spent promoting fights which won’t happen. Bets placed which will need to be refunded. I’m excited for Nate vs Tony but I don’t think this was the plan from the outset.

  37. Hey you spent years of revenue on digital purchases to develop a version of the game for mobile, instead of improving the game for players on existing platforms. Congratulations on lowering the bar yet again!

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