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  1. So many bags gonna be held. Don’t be the bag man fair warning. Those saying FOMO BUY IN have their finger on the sell button

  2. Some paper-handed speculators, maybe. This thing is gonna shatter it’s ATH, they can miss out.

  3. Bruh, I remember that morning pre market back in Jan 21 price hovering at 500 dollars for gme. Unforgettable experience. Hopefully we get to relive it again after they stole it from us.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried again. Seems like they did today, but it wasnt shit if you were in GME march 2021. It went up to $350, down to like $130. That little drop this afternoon was the worst they could conjure.

  5. Student loan asset-backed securities were worth about 1.6Trillion, last time i checked. The USA owes China 30Trillion+

  6. I am 100% okay with referring to a margin call as getting Melvined. all in favor, say yay.

  7. Fuck these cheaters. “Lemme press start to look up codes real quick”

  8. Can someone explain why redditors are using BoBBY and the watermelon reference?

  9. Because the ticker is suppressed in some places. Some guy made a bet on a diff sub, if bobby hit $20 end of week, that he would have relations with a watermelon. After that happens, another gentleman has volunteered to eat said watermelon.

  10. It was 20/80 bobby and gme, but the recent rally has made it 50/50, and it’s pretty cool.

  11. Yeah i’d buy as many as possible for $32

  12. That Jamo looks fancy. I’m intrigued

  13. Going off the gold standard, repealing of glass-steagall

  14. In 2022 inflation bucks, it’s a decent deal. $350 is better.

  15. I think they’ll try to push it below 10

  16. FML if this shit don't take off soon imma be in my 30s instead lmao

  17. Yo 30’s are dope so far, like my 20’s but more money to throw at deep value, wrapped in speculative gambling

  18. Yep. I just grabbed a CZ with a threaded barrel.

  19. Gme sold shares, cleared their debt, and have cash on hand.

  20. Already spent half of it… literally lighting money on fire they took from Reddit apes

  21. Yeah. They spent it on two new fulfillment facilities, an updated web interface/mobile app, fresh merchandise, AND a revenue generating NFT marketplace.

  22. No, its 100% a distraction right now

  23. It’s real. Stop crying, put your grind time in on MW multiplayer and GIT GOOD

  24. I bought at $4.94; just enjoying the ride.

  25. Tell her you’re actually the wetting agent

  26. GME was training for this, which is training for GME

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