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  1. I feel like not that long ago(2-3yr), bookers used to sit on shelves, like everywhere.

  2. I have not seen one in a hot minute

  3. It was the biggest disappointment of any hyped bottle I have tried

  4. Agreed, it’s not worth a penny over msrp. Standard Makers Mark and Larceny have more interesting flavor profiles. Both outclass Weller Special imo. I’m typically not reaching for a low proof whiskey though.

  5. Lol it isn’t fucking hyped as a badass bourbon though- it is hyped as a great cheap bourbon. Which it is. Anyone paying over MSRP is an absolute dipshit

  6. Quite a few places by me consistently charge 69.99-79.99 for it. If you can land it at retail, it’s solid.

  7. People’s mental health is all screwed up. Corporate profits soar, wages are stagnant. Our country continues to do nothing about either of these things. Somehow, it’s become a popular ideology that taking away everybody’s guns will magically solve this crisis.

  8. Give it a few more weeks and everyone will be sharing a few Pappy they managed to get their hands on.

  9. In my local group, MWND was 2-3 weeks ago, pappy this past week. None for me, again this year.

  10. You’ve invested thousands of dollars for that interview. Big difference!

  11. Depends on when you bought?

  12. I’ve been buying this whole time lol

  13. I recently had covid and this bottle got me through it. My logic was that if they used it medicinally during prohibition, it’s good enough for me.

  14. Ugh i don’t need this, but i wants it

  15. Hyped yes, because it’s very good. Disregard the butthurt ones lol

  16. I grabbed one right around Halloween. I haven’t cracked it yet but At 29.99, i almost feel like i should go see if they still have it.

  17. I can't believe people can find this in the wild.

  18. lol what did south park do to you?

  19. One of my buddies would always get bbq chicken pizza as well as a regular. One time we got real weird with it and got BBQ Chicken, Sausage, bacon, and italian beef. We called it roadkill/dead animal pizza. Two little squares was a whole meal

  20. I actually snagged one of these today and wasn’t sure about it. Your review is reassuring

  21. Yeah, like why is someone gatekeeping aging/patina? Some ppl weren't around when the OG's released and these will eventually age as well...it's the way time works

  22. It’s just like people hating on relic guitars, i wish they’d reissue cars.

  23. I am ashamed to admit, being an active whiskey drinker for the last two years, I never tried rye …

  24. This certainly is a rye to start with lol.

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