my rat got stung by a bee yesterday💀

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  1. It boils down to a lack of smartphone camera filter effects.

  2. A small percentage of my fry develop abnormally. One out of twenty or thirty? rare. Some have crooked spines so its obvious. Others are too skinny like yours. I've gotten used to it now and chalk it up to malformed guts. In general they don't live as long as their tank mates. I don't think there's anything you've done wrong. My best advise is give them a variety of good food (flake and frozen brine/blood worms) so at least you can rule out a poor diet. My two cents.

  3. I've noticed that these isolation cages have terrible water/air circulation ... Their health tends to decline quickly. I rarely use mine now for this reason.

  4. I feel trapped in a conversation at a bar that plays the music too loud.

  5. Lovely composition. I see you have a love of pipe and cable. Ever seen the movie 'Brazil'? Your cabling aesthetic reminds me of that. Bravo!

  6. The locals will say what you experienced was a freak accident. But I guess we can accept the compliment while we wait for a new BC Ferries CEO to appear. And perhaps we can remember to pray for those less fortunate, living under the yoke of the Washingon State Ferries System.

  7. In my experience, it is possible one just pops out - sometimes six - other times twelve. The female body cavity is filled with unfertalized eggs. Some legends say fifty fry or more can fly out of there but, thank goodness, I haven't experienced that.

  8. When you're on the run after trying to beat your ex to death and got shot seven times, maybe you're the problem.

  9. Why are people assuming she has a license and insurance? There are tons of people who drive around with no credentials and no business driving a car. It’s so funny to see people ask “whose insuring her” when insurance is crazy high for even regular drivers

  10. "Prosecutors say Linton has a history of mental health issues and a problematic driving history, including a lack of a California driver's license ...."

  11. Keep her cage open with food and water. She'll go back to it when she gets hungry. Birds like to be at the top of places because it makes them feel safe.

  12. What an adventure! She's gonna sleep like a rock after this.Yeah, just like a cat in a tree. Once their stomach growls, they come down.

  13. I wonder how many times a random stranger remarked on Linton's driving saying, "She's gonna kill someone". Hard to believe this person is a nurse.

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