1. In any business there is an innovation cycle where small ideas turn into experimental new products. From there they start to scale and grow. It's an absolutely essential component of any successful business to constantly try new things. The reason Google gets a bad rap is that they let their experimental stuff scale larger than most companies before pivoting and killing the product if it turns out they don't want it. Other companies, especially tech companies kill just as many new things as Google. The difference is google's stuff gets bigger before being killed and makes the users mad.

  2. If Halbrand is Sauron, he better be a completely fake persona as part of his master manipulation. I’m afraid they’re steering it in the direction where Sauron lived as a mortal for a while, loved, and tried to live an honest life, but was dragged back to the dark side. Please no. PLEASE NO.

  3. If he is Sauron in disguise, they better fucking not try to shoehorn him into a fling with galadrial.

  4. Many people are complaining about the convenience of having a dam release mechanism built into a sword hilt controlled alter. Let me help you parse the timeline and why it makes sense.

  5. I love this game. I created a credit chip set and container for the version of the game you got. If you have access to a 3d printer, check it out!

  6. That is absolutely amazing!!! I know some ppl with a 3D printer. This will be an amazing addition

  7. Thanks! It was a really fun build project!

  8. Why trust them? Look for the county weight and balance verification sticker on the pump.

  9. The immigrant communities should start adding a Desantis fee to any hurricane cleanup with they get hired for

  10. Their strategy isn't to get their vote (most of the time, though they do push the culture war "SJWs are ruining your xxx" crap hard for the younger men)...

  11. In about 5 years i predict we're going to get chatter from the GOP about raising the voting age.

  12. Ha! But seriously dont be stupid and try this.

  13. Wanda's powers were unlocked by the mind stone, they aren't powered from the stone.

  14. My favorite part is when the sheriff takes himself hostage 😂

  15. "isn't anybody gonna help that put man?!"

  16. Just submitted my voucher for the 4th time. This was actual conversation.

  17. Even putting money on the account won’t work after the 23rd. That’s the time DTS shut down it’s access to GFEBs/DEAMs. It won’t be turned back on till sometime after Oct 1st.

  18. They pulled all the money that DTS was holding. We had our authorizations in place a month ahead.

  19. Go get that engraved or a maintainer is gonna steal it. I mean they are gonna steal it anyway but it makes them do more work and scratch off your name.

  20. Hey now. Thats entirely incorrect. We use the CTK laser. On plebs waste effort scratching.

  21. Did you cut yourself on their edginess?

  22. Pretty simple actually. They've been shaving every day because they were told to. Once they get out they stop shaving but they don't consider that beards require maintenance. If you try to help them, they rebuke and cop the "I'm retired I do what I want" attitude. They think it makes them look cool. In reality it makes people think "that person doesn't take 5 minutes to take care of themselves."

  23. Considering there are reports that anti-war protestors are among the latest round of "recruits", I anticipate there's going to be a wave of Russian "soldiers" surrendering to the first Ukrainian military units they encounter.

  24. Uh, further than that, the moment they have a gun, their officers are going to get shot.

  25. Genuinely asking: How likely is it that Russia uses a nuclear weapon?

  26. The entire world would put a complete economic embargo on them if they detonated one in anger. No one wants nuclear weapons going off.

  27. Is there a global registry of satellites and their orbits so they don’t run into each other.

  28. Take up mini golf. They're dotted all along the gulf coast in every city.

  29. If you're serious and not trolling, I have to know, what engineering discipline do you think would music technology qualify you for? It's a bachelor of arts also so do you even take any intermediate STEM courses in that degree program? I'm actually curious.

  30. Applying musically theory to structural harmonics might be an interesting application. Not saying it qualifies him, but you did ask for an example.

  31. Why would that be interesting? Would you design a building to vibrate in a certain chord?

  32. Yeah but like... He said he was sorry.

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