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  1. Toronto has more and better 'fun' opportunities than Buffalo.

  2. In your group of mutual friends, you are probably the only one who doesn't know he's head-over-heels in love with you.

  3. I asked a similar question, and was told I could post whatever shit I wanted.

  4. On vinyl, one may skip tracks or search tracks using an optical linear-actuated tone-arm. They were pretty standard back in the late 80s.

  5. I'm appalled that they're violating their credit card vendor agreement. They're not allowed to have a minimum charge on credit card orders.

  6. It is nice, however, to get some feedback on why it's not going to work out -- that's the 'lessons learned' closed-loop feedback that the engineer in me likes to have: It lets us know where and how we can improve?

  7. We always reply to a rejection -- even if just to say 'thanks for letting us know'.

  8. That dinosaurs existed. My older cousin claims that their fossils are β€˜paper maché’ fakes. He’s in his thirties now, with a kid. The sad part is that he’s not alone in this train of thought.

  9. I have literally dug-up diplodicus vertebrae and femurs out of the ground, myself.

  10. A piss-poor attempt at humour, written by a twelve-year old.

  11. If you're watching a clock, the second-hand should be moving smoothly from the start of your observation; I'm not sure I follow what effect you're questioning.

  12. classic clocks "tick" and the second hand jumps between positions. I've seen smooth clocks rarely.. is that what you're talking of?

  13. Yes, I'm looking at the clock on the wall as I type this -- and it's a smoothly-moving-second-hand one.

  14. Depending on the Age of the Tree, and the Species -- Trees do, indeed, have a definite lifetime -- and they will eventually die.

  15. In the case before the SCOTUS, there was no public school available in the region -- and the religious school was acting as a de facto public school for all students, regardless of religion.

  16. The car isn't moving. He's just supporting the furniture until another strap can be brought to use.

  17. Every government needs to be concerned about marriage because it determines such things as taxes and who pays them together, inheritance -- and who gets what property or other valuables, and child rearing -- who is responsible, as parents, for which children.

  18. "Behalf". It's literally -- not figuratively -- right there in every response listed in the video.

  19. Back in college -- thirty-plus years ago -- As an academic Junior, I (M20 at the time) had a friend (F20ish), and we found ourselves stranded in the dorms when most all of our other friends were gone for the weekend. This wasn't a normal situation; just a confluence of events and activities that left the two of us alone, together. Just a couple of platonic friends hanging out.

  20. Long history -- predating LDS -- of calling churchmembers 'saints'.

  21. As someone raised Catholic who attended 12 years of Catholic schooling, I've literally never heard someone earnestly call someone else a saint.

  22. Then you didn't quite pay attention in school. Or during Mass.

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