1. How is this considered OK and not predatory? Let’s be real most of these actresses were relatively new when this happened and he was already a veteran. This is crossing boundaries and not to mention super scary. One wrong moment can hurt the women so bad.

  2. Everytime I hear his story, I wonder if there is any justice in the world. Watching Salman go on to lead a thriving life filled with money, adoration and love of his family all the while the people he hurt suffer from trauma to this day, seems so so wrong.

  3. Exactly that’s where I begin to question the validity of Karma too

  4. Karma is made up thing...do you really think bad people get even half of what they deserve. It's the same philosophy of doing good deeds will get you into heaven. Nobody knows life after death. Only decent people would care about karma and shit. Life is unfair. (only fact you need to know)

  5. Who the hell appreciates her? What has she got? Nothing

  6. It doesn’t. The words have to be registered in your sub somehow. Only then it understands. It’s like a bank

  7. From Sajid Khan to this- definitely upgrade

  8. Yeah he nauseats me so much. Ugly inside out

  9. Ugly. Looks like one of those houses on foreclosure that no one wants to buy and is on the listing for months

  10. Bro if you are from general category you are anything but privileged. I can feel you. Sadly this is the reality. Do you best and find a way that’s all

  11. Love this! Where did you find these! Do they come in characters of all the seasons?

  12. I think you should wear it if you love to. I have only seen Indians appreciating whenever people from other countries follow their culture.

  13. I don’t think you need a psychic to tell you that you gotta lose his sorry ass rn

  14. I refuse to believe something like this exists.

  15. But he always gives himself less credit. Hmm

  16. Looks like she suffered fatal brain trauma (bleeding from nose) also several blood clots in the brain can be seen.

  17. Those jelly like blood pooling are the clots.

  18. That’s right he gives himself less credit and too many calories

  19. Oh, he's quite a supporter of women's rights in India - watch his other feminist film Lajja, he raises some serious issues in that film (though the film itself is kind of sluggish in pacing)

  20. Sad considering Mamta was a minor when she started.

  21. But isn’t he from the same family as Bharjatiyas? Or May be I got confused

  22. Would someone kindly explain as to what the fuck is happening?

  23. Because most of the times there literally is no visible results. The prob actually is the OP doesn’t even bother to mention what results they are actually hinting at. What’s up with that? How are we supposed to assume what results is being shared? And crappy before after shots. Completely different angle, Different lighting

  24. She is hired for it and is doing her duty (umm pretty well). Blame has to be on the assholes spending people’s money on ayyaashi

  25. As bizarre as it sounds since he was crazy about her, I wouldn’t put it past. Money that too I that amount is a dangerous thing. Makes people do stuff beyond imagination. And someone who can give up on his family of years for a few quick fucks has the least morale and wouldn’t be surprised if he has in-fact done this

  26. Yes he is losing hair right in the middle of the head. He does cover it up using toupee

  27. What a turd. Left his kid in PTSD for life. Why’s he so excited about it tho

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