1. Yeah sure, basically every other woman Peter has ever met has fallen for him. Why wouldn't Sable?

  2. Man just needs to accept death. He's a superhero for gods sack. You know that could be the problem, actually.

  3. Denji's WRB would be named "Bloodsaw no Pochita", and his Seiken would be themed after a chainsaw like Zombie Breaker.

  4. Billie is doing his best Tusken Raider impression.

  5. He was just a russian guy in an exoskeleton

  6. Weird to think of your poop at some point being located above your belly button.

  7. Terry Silver did have Sephiroth vibes when he grabbed that sword he showed to Chozen earlier in the season

  8. there was this chinese mma fighter who would challenge these "Masters" of chinese martial arts like kungfu and they would do one or two swings in his general direction then he would simply punch them in the head and watch them fall back. sadly he got bullied by china social media and even the government for beating up and making fun of traditional values by showing that mma was way more useful.

  9. Isn’t this the same movie with MARK FREAKING HAMILL turn into a freaking disgusting alien monster that traumatized the shite out of me when I was kid cause I thought Luke skywalker had been turn over to the dark side? 🤢 🤮

  10. The newest superhero. All she/he needs is a name.

  11. Fuck TikTok challenges that includes random acts of violence though, that needs to stop

  12. Looks like dirt bikes and wheelers driving down the roads. We've all seen these morons thinking they can do whatever they want. I'd bet there was a fender bender and this is the reaction of some dipshit who was doing something they shouldn't be doing.

  13. I saw some asshole on a dirt bike zipping up and down the street going in the opposite direction (going up in the direction of entering and going down in the direction of leaving), in the middle of the night while I was at work once. Glad it was midnight, or something bad was going to happen

  14. Has anyone ever wondered what would happen if Tommy learned the ways of Ansatsuken?

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