1. This is another way of saying some kids start at square five instead of square one.

  2. I feel it depends. I started at the bottom - no help, nothing and that really drives a person in a different way. It forces you to be frugal and realistic about money, and the need to make money.

  3. God, this country sucks so bad sometimes. This merger should definitely be denied; HSBC was adding a bit of good (and sorely needed) competition in the banking space. Allowing RBC to eat up HSBC is borderline criminal.

  4. Just as much as HSBC is borderline...actually they were criminals

  5. Irish commentary was surname-first name all except for Son lol

  6. that's honestly insane , whoever the distant ancestors Kim , Park and Lee were , i know for sure they had some genghis khan type game

  7. Depends, why are they asking you to check back at xyz time. If there's a valid reason, yeah check back. If not, move on from the deal, put it in your prospecting pipeline and see if you can drum up a deal from a zombie deal but you need to understand why they're asking you to push back to Jan

  8. I thought I first misread this, but when did I want beer becoming inflammatory...I feel personally attacked right now

  9. It's the same problem as blocking certain computer chips from being exported to china, twenty-five years from now we'll be annoyed when their home-built chips become the standard.

  10. I feel that's a different problem altogether. If it wasn't China I feel that was the right move, but...well they built a fricking space station after being deined that I'm actually wondering what they can do with semiconductors. I feel you might be right just because of that

  11. They tried with SMIC, which failed pretty hard even by stealing people/tech from TSMC. ASML also forbids from selling to them. They aren't going anywhere at this point, especially since they are more than a decade behind major players out there.

  12. Which is fair but I'm concerned about their track record of building something from the grounds up when told no

  13. What did he say for you to say he doesn't understand the economic

  14. Because if you understand the fallacy you wouldn't be so bent out of shape about being taxed, and taxes tend to be a conservative hot topic.

  15. I agree with all this. The one thing I'd add personally is being able to be humble to ask for help and outside opinions.

  16. I can try to appreciate your point but the other person is right. You can run as an independent but the chances of you winning Presidency is next to none. You also don't choose the Presidential or Party Leader candidates. We could say that the best decides to run, true, but that's becoming far less than it used to be which is concerning

  17. Do you think that If Biden was the tank driver and Trump was the tank gunner that everyone wouldn't vote for an independent?

  18. You guys should move to a parliamentary system - works a lot better than your two party system. Right now in the current American system there's no way for an independent to be President, let alone control the senate.

  19. I agree with the numbers but to play Devils advocate, you need to cold call.

  20. We sell in a very mature and pretty saturated space and have a very established solution. In other words, inbound demand has dried up and every single company we call has one or more of our competitors in place already.

  21. Guess you have to cold call hahaha. Better to do something than nothing

  22. I feel everyone already chimed in about fit and grit. The one thing I did want to add was what your definition of the right right personality fit is.

  23. I just do not see why wearing one is a deal breaker. Especially if there are no other restrictions to deal with. I’ve enjoyed the summer without them but the idea of wearing them again doesn’t bother me at all.

  24. World would have been lot better if we all were stoned.

  25. I know we're joking but probably not. I bet my money we wouldn't have any of the development we have today

  26. I'm actually more confused by what you're trying to say, honestly. I tried to follow along...but...

  27. Not sure why, but all I could imagine was some old man yelling at their modem

  28. Calling humans “stars”, celebrities and whatever ridiculous title should be banned, disappear and forgotten.

  29. That's what the Romans used to think and I kind of agree with them here, like their notion of citizenship

  30. USA politicians are being bought out too. That’s why they rolled out the carpet for CCP and it’s operatives to come in and buy farms, manufacturing, food processing operations along with countless businesses.

  31. I get where you're coming from but that's not accurate. Part of our economic system is allowing foreign ownership, just as much as we expect access of ownership in foreign farms, mines, etc.

  32. Yes, it's clear and I'm not sure I even want to watch the last episode. Women who kill their abusers get so much prison time and it's a travesty.

  33. She does find happiness but I feel it's more because of her as a person. It says a lot about a person to forgive and forget and be able to focus on living a good life that it was in some ways humbling for me to watch that

  34. Yeah, she says it as much at the end. She was thinking of taking them to court for mistrial and stuff but she said she keeps forgetting to do it because of how happy she is to be free

  35. Honestly, as stupid as this sounds, I do it for investments. I'm Canadian and we have something called a TFSA (thanks Flaherty) which allows me to park my money and never get taxed on it, ever - doesn't matter if I'm pulling money from it or not.

  36. This is pretty smart. I honestly can't imagine this coming from Trudeau and his team but they did good on this one

  37. He is the most laidback person I know, honestly. Never gets bent out of shape or angry. It balances out that I’m a super planner/calendar-dependent, hence my sales career.

  38. Ah, makes sense. Guess that would make sense considering drill sergents have to be leaders and coaches of sorts

  39. This is gold! I do actually like their messaging but this delivery is hilarious. Thanks!

  40. That doesn't make sense, you can choose to be an EMT even after your military and they were asking how many first responders were also conscriptase as opposed to people who have a career being an EMT or first responder.

  41. I'm a bit confused as to what you're adding in. I think the other person was just asking about the conscription service in Korea

  42. You seem perfectly qualified to speak for all women. I'm not sure why you'd get downvotes when you seem to be such an expert on what women want.

  43. Ask a woman if they care if a guy is younger or if they can hold down a job or if they vibe with them

  44. I had to really think about what you meant and just got it. Yeah taking it that way, it really is incredible - talk about veiled meaning

  45. didn't stop France getting flack for not allowing religious symbols into schools.

  46. Well yeah, think about it, the French were trying to ban religious symbols for students, i.e private citizens

  47. It happens way too often. When I was green I always thought it was great that they were asking me questions about the product (features) but had that beaten out of me by my manager and thank God he did

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