1. Your partner didn’t do anything wrong here. He’s not the one deliberately screwing your overYour boss is. I don’t see anything that would confirm that he is. I would take this up to your boss but don’t come after your partner unless he directly played a part in leaving you out of this deal

  2. Yep. It was my bag. Had my switch, laptop, chargers, everything still intact. I just don’t want the police to think I wasted their time and face legal issues because of that.

  3. Right. I only reported it as lost because I did not remember having my bag upon leaving the tram. I also did not remember leaving my bag inside a store either.

  4. You did not say how much it's different by, but keep in mind that you do get charged an origination fee on federal loans (a one-time fee on the principal at loan creation). If it changed by more than what the origination fee would be, then something else is probably going on.

  5. I was aware of the origination fee. However, my federal loans have not been disbursed, and therefore, have not been applied to my term bill, even tho One Stop confirmed with me that I was slated to receive ~$14k via federal loans.

  6. My best tip is take a day or two to calm down and think before any revenge. Sometimes you just need a breather to realize it isn’t worth your time or effort. If after a calm down period you’re still mad, then im p sure you can buy super fine glitter thats impossible to clean out of cars, carpet, etc.

  7. I’m pretty sure that’s vandalism, which comes with criminal charges

  8. Don’t revenge cheat. Don’t stoop down to his level. Don’t do anything that would add fuel to the fire in terms of drama. Focus on healing yourself, and getting yourself out of this relationship.

  9. Not only that but the term bill is off. It says that only $ 7,000 has been applied to my term bill but if I look at my financial aid summary on my my.Rutgers portal, I am scheduled to receive way more than that. Anyone else having this issue?

  10. I’m missing my entire private loan!! And the federal loans only say offered for me, not accepted yet so idk what’s happening

  11. Yeah same here. Probably because it’s too early for the actual loans to be dispersed. Check what your scheduled dispersement date is

  12. Any kind of stall/set up Pokemon and moves are pointless in a playthrough and just pointlessly drag out every fight in the game. Does anyone actually use Stealth Rocks or Toxic Spikes in a playthrough? I can't imagine trying to setup like that in every battle..... Just sounds like a pain. Why use a stall team if you can sweep through all the Pokemon in seconds?

  13. One of my coworkers says kar-vay-de-dol for carvedilol and it really grinds my gears each time. Idky no one corrects her, it won't be me but someone has to lmao

  14. The people who designed Team flare’s story arc had good vision, but horrible execution

  15. Assuming we’re talking about both north and South America, Here are some ideas:

  16. Whoa what did I just read! Seriously though does the enemy not have its own battle Pokémon?

  17. Hmm hypothetically, this would be the equivalent of Britain fighting Germany in WW1, and since there’s no Pokémon equivalent of Germany, I decided not to write in any battle pokemon for the enemy as we don’t really know what a German based Pokémon region would look like!

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