1. Yes and it’s so annoying! I have no idea why they do it, it’s not supposed to be funny???? I’m just talking???? I don’t get it!

  2. It’s so sad that we’re completely shocked when someone listens to us. It’s that rare an occurrence :(

  3. Yeah it is kinda sad that it took me nearly 23 years to hear it from a professional. But thank god it finally happened

  4. I’ve had both good and bad. My first time was before a concert and it was great. I was laughing the whole way there. The last time (and worse) was when I was drinking before I smoke and I got a really bad high. I haven’t smoked since

  5. I was never good at :( I have thick, curly/wavy hair and I never know what to do. I’ve tried leave in conditioner, serum, combs instead of brushes….I’m just bad at it. I have a hard time putting it up and I don’t know how to braid.

  6. I'm only learning about vaginismus now... Can it really be the cause for painful periods? All I could find online was that it makes inserting things inside your vagina very painful, nothing about it causing period pains...

  7. I'm not a doctor and can't say for sure, but I have a lot of pelvic issues and earlier this year I learned about Non-Relaxing Pelvic Floor. I'm not sure if NRPF can impact periods, but it causes a host of problems including constipation, UTI-like symptoms, sexual problems, and various kinds of pain (even just pain from sitting), so I wouldn't rule the possibility that the two could be linked. I also have PMDD and endometriosis and my periods were debilitating before I got on birth control. They're still very uncomfortable, but bearable.

  8. I don’t think I have NRPF just by this message specifically. Sitting does not hurt and I don’t have UTI like symptoms or constipation. I do have PME/PMDD though. Not sure if I have both or if it’s just PME since I’m diagnosed with depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I hope there’s more awareness on it too, now that I’m seeing a lot of people in this thread having lots of realizations

  9. Since music is my special interest, I listen to all kinds of genres. In this case, I’m sensory seeking. It needs to be louder. When I’m depressed or anxious though, my sensory issues are heightened so a lot of times I can’t listen to it as loud as I usually do.

  10. Autistics are just “asymmetric” compared to equivalent NT. Both advanced and underdeveloped, even within the same skill/task. My emotional intelligence is insane but I don’t even know how I feel.

  11. I do but I’m very short. However, I have a tattoo on my leg and I wear shorts a lot since I live in a hot state 🤨

  12. YTA. Graduating is an accomplishment. Your stepdaughter will have plenty of birthday parties

  13. I experience the same thing. I get nightmares every now and then, where it’s me and someone I know or a stranger. It’s draining

  14. INFJ. I used to be an INFP, but I recently took it again for fun and I got INFJ. I think your Myers Briggs can change as you age

  15. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I first read it in 9th grade and it changed my life. If you are ever struggling, I recommend that book. It represents mental illnesses and hardships very well.

  16. I drive. When I went to test for my license, I had a panic attack and the guy felt so bad, he just gave me it 🙃I am still not the best driver. That was 6 years ago

  17. I make a weird hiss noise under my breath. People don’t seem to notice it

  18. Same. And he was my first. I haven’t had sex since then. He constantly pressured me and it had to be exactly how he wanted it. And since he was my first, I wanted him to wear protection. He would get mad at me every single time and would gaslight me into thinking I called him “dirty and gross”. He also had a porn addiction. Not only that, but he would always try to get me drunk. It was awful. And people still wonder why I have a low sex drive or simply don’t think about sex that much.

  19. Having deep empathy. I literally just thought I was a “nice person”. I didn’t know that autistic people tend to feel emotions stronger than NTs. I think that explains why I don’t handle death well. I also didn’t know echolalia and palilalia can often link to autism.

  20. Understanding sarcasm. However, when I use it, it can be a hit or miss. Some people understand and some people don’t 😂but if someone else uses it, I get it

  21. No. However, I have always had very weird, graphic sexual dreams after my assault. This has been going on for about 4 years. I’m not talking about “wet dreams”. They can range from a graphic nightmare of another assault, or a dream involving sex. Not really sure if that counts as an intrusive thought, but I have dealt with this for a while and it is very gross.

  22. Thanks y’all. I went to a career fair recently (late April) at my college and I got very overstimulated and did terrible. There was way too many people there (I got to a state university), lines were intimidating, too much chatter at the same time in a huge room….you get the idea. Went to a couple booths, then came home and just cried basically. I’m very worried about how I’ll land a job if I can’t even go to an event.

  23. I hate questions like these! When I turned 21 and everyone asked me how it felt, I had no idea what I was supposed to say. How am I gonna feel any different?!

  24. I don’t watch much TV, but I think Atypical is pretty decent. I think it shows overstimulation well. I like how Sam is interested in a relationship, he also seems a bit interested in sex. They don’t stereotype him as some robot with no feelings (not that people NEED to have a relationship or sex). It also shows him having difficulty with verbal instruction, like it shows in the last season when he’s in college. His parents kind of remind me of mine, too. One parent will focus on my accommodations, another will think I don’t need them and I can handle things myself. I kinda like it

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