1. Dream Theater-->Rammstein-->In Flames-->Lamb of God-->As I Lay Dying(The Sound of Truth)/August Burns Red( White Washed)

  2. Can confirm, that jeweled up post-emo rock boy can sure cut some hair.

  3. Lol I take it your new to vinyl? That's just how it is.

  4. I've received plenty of records that show up mint, even ones from overseas. Not one record from Sumerian shows up without seam splits or crushed corners.

  5. If you order from btbamazon (and possibly Sumerian/merch limited?) get a t-shirt or something as well if you can afford to. I’ve had the same issue, but I just got my colors 2 in the mail and they had wrapped it in the crew neck I ordered within a larger box. It seemed significantly sturdier than the usual media mail envelope they ship vinyl in.

  6. Thanks, I will keep this in mind for next time.

  7. Persefone-Spiritual Migration and Aathma

  8. You can clean them. Look up Scotty on YouTube. He has a guide.

  9. I don't think you should be cleaning a 10 year old catalytic converter, if it should be replaced then replace it.

  10. This sub loves gatekeeping. If you want to open a place sometime just go for it, and that steak looks perfectly cooked.

  11. ask your politicians for speed trenches

  12. We already have these, there are pot holes on every street.

  13. For sure they would make a difference, not sure I've ever seen trenches on any city roads though or if towns would even allow them outside of neighborhoods or suburban developements.

  14. The Old First Ward needs this sort of development, I drive through the area weekly and there is barely any charm left. Such a shame that so many parts of the city get this sort of idealistic treatment by their communities or activist groups.

  15. Did Wheeler stop moving forward at the end there?

  16. Did Ocon already observe his 5 second penalty on a pit stop? I've not heard any mention of it and the scoreboard is gone from my broadcast...

  17. Yeah, him and Alonso were grouped up after a pit because of it. They mentioned it for about .7 seconds

  18. Ok thank you, must have missed it.

  19. Merc still sandbagging in qualifying, smh

  20. Cross checking Dahlin on the side if his neck, fuck off Matthews ya cunt.

  21. I work in Financial Compliance. A few of my team members love metalcore too!

  22. I don't remember them playing Condemned to the Gallows during the Buffalo show

  23. They played it towards the end of the set, the breakdown was so damn heavy.

  24. Iwobi's defensive work rate today was incredible, his final decision making and shots left a bit to be desired but what an improvement from the lad overall.

  25. Infield is better in my experience, closer to all the action and can easily move between the bus stop, the boot, and the final turns.

  26. FYI last oil change was when miles were 23k. I dont really know much about cars so any help is appreciated.

  27. I would get that oil changed soon and get a diagnostic for the ABS. Appointments at my dealer are a month out so the sooner the better, or try a local shop that could get you in.

  28. I had this issue with our 2017+ especially in the winter months. Unfortunately I think it is just a product of more and more plastic being used to make the car as affordable as possible.

  29. That makes so much sense!!!!!!! I have a 2017+ as well and keep hearing this random creak on the right side when I drive but don’t know where the heck it comes from. Sometimes I think it comes from the speaker while listening to music but it doesn’t happen again, just random intervals! Interesting. Would you happen to know what it could be @Shot204? It’s been 33 degrees steadily most days in Washington state so maybe that has something to do with it.

  30. Not 100% sure your issue would be the cabin air filter, but you could give it a look and clear out any debris. Sometimes with my 2017 it would creak pulling into my sloped driveway. I honestly think it is just how they are made, to a price point and with cheaper parts. If the service light isn't on and you keep up with the maintenance you should be good to go.

  31. You can pop the hood and scoop them out or spray them out with a hose, at least that's how I manage this issue.

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