1. Tried it for a while. Didn’t feel any different

  2. How much did you pay for tickets?

  3. Haven’t purchased yet, they are always sky high when schedule gets released. They will get cheaper but I’m fully expecting to pay at least 200-300 if not more.

  4. I can live with that. Just moved here and saw people posting tickets for $700+

  5. Never understood that and no one at church could explain it to me

  6. BMI kinda goes out the window with muscle

  7. And therefore it must be thrown out for everyone according to FAs

  8. just say you’re racist and fuck off

  9. Which mansion did you donate to?

  10. Gonna toss in the fact that he seems by all accounts to be an incredibly well round human being. Also he’s a quarter billion dollar man now, but I haven’t noticed an iota of change in his personality. Humble and hungry no matter what. Personifying Buffalo to a T.

  11. Isn’t there proof that weight loss cures type 2 diabetes?

  12. What do diapers and formula have to do with a car

  13. There just gaba drugs like benzos but work on slightly different receptors. There generally more euphoric, but they unfortunately cause respiratory depression.

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