1. Sonic fans think everything is shit until either a few years have passed or they acctually play the game

  2. It’s a new bug my guess is when there nav mesh buggin out because it usually only happens in certain places I should fix itself after the raid

  3. Nah mine have level and name just the cause of death is died

  4. secret technique the ks23 with shrap10 is busted in the bunkers literally free stuff

  5. You ain't a man till you've destroyed a level 1 on factory with no mags just ammo in their pockets and the unmodded m4 with mp5

  6. Man checked the inventory in death corridor

  7. This was my friend's fifth or so raid this wipe.

  8. Learning is part of the experience my friend you for sure won't be doing that again right

  9. Idk about you guys but getting like 2 shotted by gengar is a little more annoying

  10. Oh im British so its 11:24 am but I'm lazy so I'm going back to sleep

  11. I do think her pausing is kinda soothing. She’s so composed

  12. The time has come execute order nekopara volume 4 hype

  13. 3 days until I can let the flood gates loose

  14. I've always loved this picture except for one thing which throws me off

  15. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=CARD-00011221

  16. Money isnt worth a thing if you dont spend it

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