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  1. If I'm not mistaken someone had posted not too long ago about an official Legend drop outside of BWWs. Can anyone confirm?

  2. Do you scan your own labels to edit or do you have a template thar can be downloaded?

  3. just a template I use now for all of them

  4. Can anyone send the link to this animation to me? I kept finding it YouTube but I can’t find it No rickrolls please

  5. You 100% sure it doesn’t taste like Pitch Black? Jus playing. I actually had my first Live Wire in a long time today. A nice summer treat would be some vanilla ice cream and Live Wire combined. Sorta like a orange creamsicle.

  6. THC infused vanilla ice cream with live wire. That’s the orange creamsicle I’m tryna get down with. Super easy if you decarb some kief or concentrates then add to the soda. Shit distillate would be easier since you don’t have to decarb it.

  7. I'd fuck with it but unfortunately I was born on the bad end of the stick and my body doesn't process edibles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Either that or every attempt just hasn't been enough

  8. Crystal Pepsi deserves a spot on this list and I am utterly disappointed it isn't a S tier

  9. So i never got to try it its hard flr non americans to get all the good flavours so i hope when it returns this year inwill be able to get it

  10. Not my post but you got to try it basically. It's just one of those things, like the Chocolate Bang energy drink, you have to taste it yourself to know whether or not you like it. I personally love it and think it tastes like orange with a hint of spice in the throat! Plus I love the way the bottles look

  11. Maybe this one will replace Legend and the rumor about them making it a bottled flavor is true! That'd make my day a hell of a lot better. I haven't been able to get more Purple Thunder lately but Legend would make.up for that easily

  12. I've never heard about Legend in bottles that's news to me

  13. It was just posted like a week or so ago here in this group!

  14. As long as you're not going haywire with the dosage my man, you're good. Just make sure you're using proper safety equipment and make sure you're in the right headspace!

  15. Apparently Ozone sells nothing but horseshit oh my god πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. I can't wait for this epitome of stupid food challenges finally catches up to people. You're literally eating corn syrup with candy put in it. A fucking soda is probably a quarter if the calories

  17. You must have really shit luck, cause all the pits I've seen wouldn't hurt a soul.

  18. I have a cousin who watched their chihuahua get mauled by a pit and my dad got chased by one a few years back and he had to kick the fucker's face in just to buy him enough time to get to safety. Those dogs are fucking demons.

  19. Basically πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ At least I'm trying to be somewhat original unlike the dudes who have a Monster logo tatted on them

  20. Just a copy of the logo for now. I'm thinking of ways I can add to it but for the time being it'll just be what's in the pic!

  21. The only time I've ever seen somebody pop 8-10 yops is if they were methbombed and took a shit ton. I don't think even Mike Tyson's body could handle that much MDMA unless you've you've taking it every day since you were born

  22. Aye no disrespect to Von period. I just think these kids in my area doing all that shit is whack

  23. Raze and Ghost hands down. But Monster definitely has had some heat lately

  24. Vooz by Bang is good! They're not carbonated. And another thing that's great about them is they're basically a hangover cure!

  25. I hate Raze but goddamn is the South Beach flavor fantastic. I don't even like Pina colada flavors very often but holy shit is that one good

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