1. Yeah I got my first tattoo from him. My mom was like "oh he's such a nice boy" "Doris, we should have invited him to your grad party." Lol

  2. They had to expect them to adapt at least a little bit, though. I mean, c'mon, they had been sending all the "traitors" there as titans, what did they think the islanders did that whole time?

  3. You'd be surprised by how patient a lot of cops are in the United States, just like you'd be surprised by how "inpatient" some cops are in Brazil. Not to say that some cops aren't trigger-happy, it just depends on the person. In conclusion, it's not the country, it's the person.

  4. I never said it was the country.. I’m 100% referring to the person, who was influenced BY the country, it’s values, and it’s leniency.


  6. It airs at midnight of March 3rd, so actually March 4th. Eren will march forth on March 4th.

  7. Not pressed at all. Just astounded by people like you lmao.

  8. All good. Just be glad you’re not me, and I’ll be glad I’m not you. Everyone wins!

  9. Indeed. Keep tattooing weeb shit on yourself and don't let people like me affect your life choices.

  10. Honestly, although they are different, I consider yours better, I should have done it with colors, but the fucking money was too high.

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