1. I love everything about this 🥰 You did such an incredible job with all four of them with so much attention to detail.

  2. Interesting. Im not sure how I feel about “intense,” since season 2 was way too jam packed and we desperately need a slow down. But I like that they both said is the best season so far. They definitely didn’t have to say that!! Im overall very intrigued about this season, despite its very apparent flaws already I think it’s going to be good!!

  3. Agreed. After the mess of season 2 I was kind of hoping they'd slow down the pace and go back to the gentle family stories that made us fall in love with the show in season 1. But with everything we know about season 3 there are still plenty of reasons to be optimistic, and the fact that they're calling it 'the best season so far' is another great sign!

  4. Teenagers being socially exclusionary is pretty par for the course, what bothered me is that the party took place right after JHI was beaten into a coma by Bizarro and upon hearing the news Jordan's immediate response was to ask whether they would still be able to host Sarah's quince because it was "a big deal" for her. Evidently, the wellbeing of his half-sister and her father wasn't his primary concern.

  5. The fact that the quinceañera was one episode after the injury was an odd choice and it didn't feel right, but I thought Jordan's reaction to the situation was very normal.

  6. It's just amazing. Again, you did a fantastic job with all the details. She's so Lois!

  7. Thank you! Yes, I was intentional about putting her on the bookshelf. I thought it was fitting! Clark is going to have to be harvesting one of my houseplants or something, haha

  8. He can just stand there and stare adoringly at Lois 😂

  9. Thanks! It was really fun. And I've already started on the next one! 😂

  10. That's exciting! Can I ask who's next?

  11. Perfect! She's exactly who Jordan needs right now to help him get out of this brooding mood 😂

  12. There are practical reasons like being extra careful beacause you never know when someone will drop by the farm, and not breaking the habit of wearing them so he doesn't accidentally forget them and leave the farm without them.

  13. I agree with the last bit but he does know when somebody will drop by. He could hear and see them coming from a mile away.

  14. Yeah, he can hear them. But that means he has to be on guard all the time. I imagine when he's at home with his family he just wants to relax, and having to constantly check who's around the farm and remember to put his glasses on when it's someone who doesn't know about his secret can be stressful. It's much easier and safer to wear them all the time.

  15. That’s amazing 😂 You just put a huge smile on my face.

  16. The countdown has begun! 90 DAYS TO GO!

  17. It is normal for siblings, even twin siblings, to drift apart as they grow older. This is healthy in fact. So having Jordan dabbling in the hero business while having Jonathan look for something of his own makes sense. It's a good thing and it's healthy for the characters.

  18. I agree that it's normal, and I want each of them to have their own journey and that both of them get the focus they deserve. But their brotherly bond is one of the things that makes this show so great, and after they had so few scenes together last season I'm afraid to lose it.

  19. Oh, absolutely. She did this on her podcast (versus being a guest on someone else's), so she likely picked the questions she wanted to answer in advance, likely so that she could casually segway into something related on S&L and she could act like it is just a casual work thing. Not only did she not have to answer the question, so also did not have to specifically talk about a sex scene on an unaired episode, especially since she had done one before on S&L that should could have talked about. I feel like she knew exactly what she was doing and I am here for it!

  20. She definitely could have answered the question without giving this example and focus only on her time on Grimm (after all, it's a podcast about Grimm).

  21. This fandom had done a lot of manifesting when it comes to Clois and I think we might actually have some great Clois this season.

  22. I keep reminding myself that the longer we wait the better because it means less breaks, but my patience is running out...

  23. These are great pictures. The set designers of the show do an incredible job!

  24. As per usual it’s baffling that the show has not done more with this bc it’s such an obvious source of family humor.

  25. It's even more frustrating because the Cushings had a few moments like this, when Lana and Kyle were kissing in the kitchen during breakfast and Sarah covered Sophie's eyes, or when Sarah asked them not to make out in her quinceañera. But when it comes to Lois and Clark, the iconic couple who are supposed to be the focus of the show, fun and romance take a back seat...

  26. This is certainly an interesting interview. Coleman compared his character to

  27. I'm really excited to see him and Bitsie on screen together. It can be such an interesting dynamic that challenges Lois in so many ways and brings out the best in her. And Chad's enthusiasm for the role really gives me hope!

  28. It's great to see Tyler and Henry side by side, but it's not exactly new. They have been using this cover photo for the past two years.

  29. "Up, Up, and Away" by Kurt Busiek and Geoff Johns. I just read it recently and it's such a great story!

  30. I think last year we had two big peices of information that made it feel like we knew more. Sarah's quinceanera and Jonathan playing football, so we sort of knew two big anchor points.

  31. Also, last year Alex and Jordan did a press tour to promote the Blu-ray/DVD release and they gave some interesting details about the new season (including the fact that Natalie and John are going to live with the Kents at the beginning of the season).

  32. And DC fandom that wasn't a lot but gave us the fact that Clark was coaching again.

  33. Yeah, last year there was more 'official information' and not just spoilers from social media. That's why I'm so anxious about the trailer... I really need some official details about the new season.

  34. Ok, so this is an intresting one. At this point, I think we have confirmation the following characters are dressing up for this episodes.

  35. Yeah, I think we can rule out a celebration for someone specific and it's more of a community event.

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