1. 18 average? Probably money better spent on lessons.

  2. I apologize for my lack of knowledge, but would you mind explaining what you mean by "Battle Creature?"

  3. A person from Battle Creek, MI that may or may not be used to participate in Pokemon like battles.

  4. I'm at about 1500 hours now I still have absolutely no idea what LTN does, and I'm almost too afraid to ask at this point :(

  5. If you ever want "many to many" trains where trains are assigned jobs based on settings you provide, LTN is what you want.

  6. What’s the difference between the Black Widows?

  7. Coverstocks are different with the same gas mask core.

  8. Weird that the graphics part of space exploration is almost nothing

  9. We're talking lines of code, not file size.

  10. You also need to put an absurd provider limit on request stations like 1M.

  11. Helmod lets you switch your calcs based on input or output. It's the button to the left of the drop down containing compute by element, compute by factory, matrix solver. It looks like 3 squares going to or from one square depending if you want to calc by input or output.

  12. You've been using the Miniloaders mod, which is actually disguised inserters. Now the actual loader entity supports trains, making that hack unnecessary.

  13. Can the improved loaders take circuit connections like miniloaders mod?

  14. Not true. There's a commonly asked question item that matches what you stated, but you have to dig further into the equipment specifications.

  15. https://spaceexploration.miraheze.org/wiki/Beacon_Overload

  16. Michael Welch, the guy who played the teenager Jack O'Neil.

  17. I recommend taking a video for you to analyze.

  18. USBC 108b/5 "If no thumb hole is drilled, a mark such as a plus sign (+) must be engraved in the palm area to show proper orientation to grip the ball."

  19. That was where the "grey" area lies for me...I understand the whole + engraving as my balls have Xs where my palm resides. And the best thing i found was the weight difference as you mentioned but other than that i can't find anything more about it having to be marked as ball used in tournament because its just an orientation difference with no official spot of orientation to throw. This is what has stopped me from pursuing it further because my PSO isn't the guy you'd go to about this lol. He complains in leafue i bowl 2 handed..something something integrity of the sport or some shit

  20. It'd be quite the arsenal with only Vibes in the bag lol.

  21. Shot in the dark here. Maybe the previous engineers retired and the new engineers went through multiple meetings on how this new design they made makes more $$$.

  22. What website is this? I like the chart that shows the coverage of your equipment

  23. Balls lane shine pretty quick to 4700 or so:

  24. When is the last time you did an oil detox? If you haven't, now's a good time to do it.

  25. If you don't feel comfortable doing the home solution, you can take it to your proshop, it's one of the services.

  26. Do you adjust your ball surface? Hit one of your balls with 500 grit or less.

  27. Uh... Someone smarter than me would need your PAP or you give the layout numbers.

  28. Idk if it's Japan or not but I think some of the black widow overseas balls look just awesome and some of them have cooler names than the US does.

  29. Currently available are BW Savage/Domination/Real Monster.

  30. Be honest with yourself, you're going to get a third ball so you might as well get a 3 ball tote.

  31. Listen and take all their knowledge in.

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