Chainsaw Man - Episode 1 discussion thread

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  1. Love this skin so much. I know I've stopped playing the game but damn do I miss the chaos

  2. Never thought I'd be searching '1 hour batman mukbang ASMR' on YouTube

  3. Bros are really saving this video πŸ’€

  4. "try to salsa that shit off" πŸ˜‚

  5. It's the 'black panther' shirt for me lmao

  6. Django can make a great server/backend for a mobile app. But if you want to develop a mobile app natively, I’d recommend something like react native.

  7. I'm sorry but what does it mean to develop an app natively and what's the difference between that and other way of developing. (Sorry for stupid question)

  8. Edit: Replied to the wrong reply. Re - Replied correctly. My apologies.

  9. yeah its been pretty bad. its hard to say because i cant tell if people were grouped or not but i think its a bad sign if ow1 veterans are getting brand new players in their games. games been out like a week, if they dont have enough new players to consistently fill lobbies and keep having to put them in games with ow1 veterans, yikes. i get decent players when i play support, but i was trying to learn tank and ik its not my best role but i was getting matched with new players doing 1.9k damage when ive got 11k. i just dont see how thats fun for the new player, and it def wasn't fun for me lol.

  10. Idk what to do at this point. I left apex to come have a better time in overwatch but I play five hours a day only to get one win. I watch tutorials, play against bots change roles but the enemy team is just too good. I guess best I can do I just keep playing till I hopefully git gud

  11. Are you playing with controller still or m&k

  12. Nothing to do with you. Blizz broke their game again (to no surprise) after "patching" their game. They definitely have a team of interns on server maintenance. Gotta save money somehow with all this inflation.

  13. Thanks man. I was really scared the problem had to do with my PC😭😭😭

  14. The PC is made at you for taking so long to use a PC instead of a crappy console. Its a little karma, but it will be over soon.

  15. Bro ikrrr. I feel like I've never seen 60fps before! I mean I was using the oldest Xbox one known to man so maybe it wasn't truly giving me 60fps

  16. At this point, I don't even need to use words to describe how good csm is to my pals. I'll just send them this image and watch them lose their minds

  17. So you're saying it doesn't get any better then? That's pretty tragic.

  18. And about the art, there's nooo way in life classic 2D anime style animation will be able to capture and choreograph the scenes in the manga. This episode was a 10/10 for me. The intro was 11/10 even

  19. Maybe Chainsaw man's just not your taste but one thing I'm sure of is that when some certain arcs get animated, all weebs are going to lose their minds. I think you should give it more time till things get super hot and try it again

  20. Ehhh not really into high school girls

  21. Fr. Kindergarten has all the good stuff

  22. Once you have sufficient game sense, good aim and good movement. Play no fill trios on world's edge and fight in the zip line building. It's good training for when your teammates die in a millisecond and you have to clutch a 1v3 while Zadok_51's mom screams at him for leaving the dishwasher open through the mic and YouGotWraith5521 is carefully and patiently organizing the vilest racial slurs to hurl at you since he doesn't know what race you are. And for the final touch apex servers decide to go on a 30 minute break and all the red signs including the ones that don't even exist yet pop at the top right of your screen. (You still don't know the reason your teammates died so fast is that the enemy squad consists of the number one predator on Xbox, good 'ol Steve that has hit Masters every season since the Beta and a '42471 kills' bloodhound.

  23. Do not let anyone finish you, ever! You have to have pride as a wraith main!

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