1. There is no such thing as the perfect smut scene. Different readers will be looking for different things. Case in point: If it's purely physical, you're going to lose me. (Which means quitting the fic for smut one shots, skimming if it's an interlude in a long fic.)

  2. Indepence Day here. Though I didn't even realize it was a crush until quite some time later ;)

  3. I'd be ecstatic. And not at all unlikely to reread the fic.

  4. As a person leaning towards the introvert side of the spectrum, I'm consciously trying to apply this principle in all kinds of interactions. It's easier online than in person though.

  5. She specifically referenced "human Captain" not human. It was directed specifically at the people commanding each ship .

  6. Just being a nitpicker here, but it was jump points, not jump gates, that formed.

  7. Had it been necessary, Delenn would have brought her own jump gates as well.

  8. Now I kinda wanna write a sex scene that reads like a prophecy.

  9. I've seen that done for a ship. I'm not completely sure whether it was smutty, but at the very least the concept of the story would have allowed for it.

  10. I do lots of canon compliant stuff. I have a series intended to have one fic per episode eventually and, as of now, all but one of them are canon compliant.

  11. I rem a classmate having her own phone/phone number and it was like…her family must be rich! Are you writing teens or adults, because I could give a little insight into being a teen in the 80s.

  12. Right. If you called a classmate, you'd usually have to talk to one of their parents first.

  13. Stop asking yourself "Can I do this?"

  14. I've only just encountered the first one in my fandom and I don't even filter them out.

  15. Kind of, but in somewhat convoluted ways.

  16. Yeah, and I suppose that makes sense, just weird to look at is all ;z

  17. Happens to me all the time. It's probably because the first hitters are likely to be subscribers who are also more likely to leave kudos than the average reader.

  18. Could you please be a bit more specific? Do they need to be in a relationship or is smut of a couple with a friend (and also focused on love and friendship) also appreciated? Long fics or one shots or no preference?

  19. I've posted 46 one shots. All but two of them are shorter than 2k. Works fine for me.

  20. Yes, assuming they have their email notifications on. The emails are sent out more or less instantly, so even if the reply is later deleted, the email will have already been sent.

  21. The notification email will also contain the comment in question.

  22. Sun cream often comes in orange bottles. In Germany, that is, not sure about international preferences.

  23. Probably not, as the civilization specific traits involved in this are (somewhat loosely) based on historic facts.

  24. I can't give you a fits all answer. I don't think there is one.

  25. I find it difficult to get into the character's head when it comes to sex but maybe that's me confusing myself. The process should be the same as deciding, for example, what sport they would like to play/watch when they don't do it in canon and other things like that, right? I find simple things like that easy to decide and stick with it. For some reason sex just seem more difficult, but maybe that's just my perfectionist self complaining at something that should be more intuitive because I'm new to it.

  26. This may sound strange, given the context of this post, but I don't actually think about the sex all that much. It's more about emotions than physical activity. And that does indeed make it pretty much the same as with every other character detail added to canon.

  27. To me, Franklin and Ivanova had the strongest revelations.

  28. I've kind of moved past the point of trying to figure out what was going on behind the scenes or not (unless it's something really obvious and major like Claudia Christian leaving the show), so I'm not going to argue the point there.

  29. Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter. Because I just think that one would turn out to be a meh marriage at best, a catastrophe making both of them constantly miserable at worst.

  30. imo they actually work decent in the books - the movies completely ruined Ron though

  31. I'm not saying I can't picture them having a decent to wonderful teenage romance. I can't picture them having a happy marriage.

  32. Fanfiction has the massive advantage that worldbuilding is already in place. People, places, things, culture, etc., are all developed to a certain extent by the

  33. The worlbuilding already existing is the main point for me.

  34. Is the difference between high cuisine and fries. We love both and sometimes we are in the mood for one or the other.

  35. I've just looked it up and I'm right that it's going out of fashion and not used much now. Most people don't use it in speech and it's really only used in formal writing. (Which I wouldn't say fanfiction is, since it's main purpose is having fun with your favourite characters/settings.)

  36. Who is the subject, whom is the object, is how it was explained to me. Think "he" -> "him"

  37. I'm not a native speaker, but if I were going for casual I'd find a way to rephrase the entire thing and avoid the word(s).

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