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  1. Joseph is headlining for a comedian who is running late. He’s on stage and is trying to buy time.

  2. Karim Ouellet. Toute une machine à hit.

  3. She became long skinni blue legend after so it's a win on my book

  4. Used to lift heavy about 3-4x a week and run once a week as well as daily walks. My mental health isn’t exactly the best but I try to still do my daily walks. Really hoping to get back to where I was before.

  5. Not just that. Some anti-depressants and other drugs can counter/nullify the effects as well.

  6. Huh, really? I’m on antidepressants and my first time I got so zooted I was convinced me and my buds were in a tree elf’s paradise and that I was a fairy lmao

  7. I swear I read this post a few days ago….. time travel? Dude. 👁 👄 👁

  8. You must be talking about the one with bees driving cars, saw that a few days ago too

  9. without the “autism creature” label it’s cute but yeah it’s not okay to call it that

  10. In this economy? We'll see in about eighteen and a half years

  11. Don't be so hard on him, he works very hard at the business factory.

  12. Yeah! If he were kids in a trenchcoat then how could he do a business?

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