its public beach ffs

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  1. Stuck the landing… better change the underwear and go buy a lottery ticket lol!

  2. Maybe give Ron’s auto a call, they have all kinds of stuff for rental!

  3. 4 tequila shots for €10, and the coldest Heineken in Amsterdam at Excalibur pub, it’s right in the red light district and the bartenders are all very friendly to Canadians!

  4. I was hoping for a bird to get the lizard!

  5. Don’t even need the work, just use the motion of the ocean!

  6. Freddie Gibbs next up bro love snitching on himself, free the rappers doe

  7. “You know this is some real shit because there was a crackhead back in the day, I shot him nine times with a TEC-9 and he kept running down the alley.” Smart thing to say on a huge podcast lol

  8. ‘How Aljo Got His Groove Back’ coming to a theater near you

  9. You will be fine, as long as there is no incidents. Sketchy game to be playing though, you never know when something is gonna go wrong.

  10. He’s handling it better than Kanye... but not by much lol

  11. You’re not even allowed to own a pet rat in Alberta, it’s illegal.

  12. The “take a shot every time he says man” comment was pretty funny though.

  13. I think there is more than 500 people there, I’m embarrassed that they’re there but I’m pretty sure it is thousands.

  14. He landed on decent right hook around 18 seconds in but other than that he got beat pretty bad

  15. They do have eyes they’re just blind as a bat... well actually more blind than a bat, they’re blind as a mole.

  16. I only have my class 3 license (can drive a vacuum truck, water truck and a couple other units) work 3 weeks away from home, then I go home for two weeks and make over 100k per year. Sure the three weeks away kind of sucks but everything is free while you’re here and you can stack up lots of cash very quickly, the two weeks off with complete freedom and some spending money sure is nice.

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