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  1. She probably should have yelled it when he said he would lower prescription drug prices and make the wealthy pay their fair share.

  2. Biden has advocated cutting Social Security for 40 years.

  3. How the western oligarchy terrorists took out the Nord Stream Pipeline.

  4. That's 1400 days just in Belmarsh. He also spent seven years imprisoned in the Ecuadorian embassy.

  5. There is literally a minority of monsters seeking to control the world to their privilege. One ungodly minority that subverts truth, commodifies life, exerts grotesque levels of violence, divides people and sets itself at the top of a crumbling tower. and the very sad part is, they've bullshitted the people so thoroughly, they aspire to be a part of the fuckery.

  6. I bet there's more than a few people looking for vulnerabilities in the borg's security systems.

  7. If the government wants to force digital currency on everyone, it's guaranteed that it isn't a good deal and will be just another way for gd banks to skim more money from people.

  8. It's important that AI and the government don't know every damn thing about people.

  9. Using cash helps poor business people to avoid paying excessive taxes.

  10. Apparently Biden said he would bring down prescription drug prices and would make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.

  11. Reality should not be forgotten. Bernie abandoned everything he stood for when push came to shove.

  12. Maybe pineapple is good too. Bromelein has fibrolytic properties too.

  13. The people of the UK are also victims of propaganda and bots. UK subs are tools used to manipulate.

  14. Our fucking government spends our fucking money to lie to and harm us.

  15. Fighting to make the wealthy even wealthier.

  16. Here's the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing with Lea Gabrielle where she's grifiting for funding.

  17. Right. Replace 'Russia' with 'US security state'.

  18. probably want to suppress their lack of health problems compared to the jabbed.

  19. She's a good actress but her brow is still starting to sweat. She can't control that.

  20. The replies to the tweet suggest that people are on to the oligarchs' schemes.

  21. Note: The CIA is supposed to be concerned with security and foreign policy overseas. CIA Director Casey talking about psyops on the American public, and propagandizing the American public, means they've been lying about that too. Besides psyops and propaganda, what do you think their priorities are regarding democracy? With the benefit of comprehensive psyops and propaganda, what's the character of the democracy supposed to be?

  22. And who exactly is deciding these things?

  23. "We made it!!! Rah!!" 🍾🤸‍♀️🏆🎆🎉

  24. Apparently black mouth curs are sensitive to being yelled at.

  25. Western leaders/MIC/billionaire oligarchs blocked it.

  26. That kind of talk will get a pol suicided today.

  27. Other estimates put Russian causalities at close to 200,000 with Ukrainian causalities likely being around 120-150k. Isn't likely at all that Russia is dealing with less causalities.

  28. You know, 'they' are lying to you because 'they' are making a ton of money and don't give a fuck that Ukrainians are dropping like flies.

  29. The oligarchy finds this very acceptable based on profits and cashflow to the MIC.

  30. These few people basically ruined Iraq. Rice, Bush,Blair and Powell. You'd see them on TV every single day trying to sell a war... It's fucked up how a few corrupt people have so much power.

  31. Everybody knew. Every member of Congress knew.

  32. Liked General Powell. He was deceived by think tanks and cia, necons like Kagan/nuland.

  33. God no, America is far from the "good guy". It's delusional to put real life countries and people into the black and white view of "good and bad guy". The US, China, and Russia, are neither the good or the bad Guy, they're just countries.

  34. Not really no. The US primarily has bases in Nato countries, which voluntarily joined the organisation.

  35. lol that's the delusional picture one gets when they blindly accept the security state's MSM propaganda.

  36. Our government and its takeover by the western oligarchs, like Larry Fink.

  37. There are so many organizations that people should want to eliminate from their lives.

  38. "Volunteered" wrongly suggests that Zelensky gave Ukraine to the western oligarchy for free.

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