My mom found my Christmas list from 1999

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  1. They kill people who are possessed anyways don't forget about them

  2. I wanna see them lose the tag titles, Roman wins but with help from solo. Jimmy gets the brunt of Roman's wraith and then Jay eventually wins against Roman

  3. Like outside on your side? Or in your house and smoke just rolling out the window? Maybe you can just relocate smoking spots

  4. I didn't even notice it till y'all started posting about it. I agree it's BS since we pay but it's not like I'm gonna quit paying

  5. Okay then just this version and the one from Batman: the Brave and the Bold

  6. I seem to remember brave and the bold joker getting bat mites powers and killing batman a few times

  7. So the "master brother" is the same sizeish should it be bigger?

  8. They provide the same in prison. There's a reason it's a punishment.

  9. The main thing i am getting from this post is, that americans don't feel safe in their country.

  10. Imma be honest I don't know shit about him, but has this LA knight character even put in enough work for everyone to claim he is being buried? What has he done?

  11. Lol Cody should have winked at the camera and then vanished in smoke

  12. Maybe they just don't care? Some people view things different and they accept that.

  13. New to this Sub, so is people being dicks a common thing on this sub?

  14. Tom Cruise never came out of the closet.

  15. I went from forgetting to bring the mats to forgetting to set-up a home portal..

  16. I'm waiting for that moment two FBI agents with country music aliases start asking questions about these tattoos that have been seen on a TV show but are actually legit evil shit ...

  17. Sorry, hand to mouse and keyboard modelled! :P

  18. Looking to get into Warhammer. Well I have a resin printer and two fdm. So instead of buying models I want to print at least two 500 point armies for me and another person to try out the game. Just looking for somewhere to start. So I guess finding out what faction and go from there huh? Is there a group of premade armies to tryout? Is there a set already i could buy instead of printing that would give us an idea if we want to start this investment?

  19. That's a pretty expensive list lol. Even half of it was a total win! What did you end up getting?

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