TIFU - Posting on Reddit about our sex life with CBAT and now our relationship has ended

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  1. Taking a shot every time people dont understand probability

  2. Ive dpne that twice, never ended well lmao😭

  3. Laughs in golden age of islam

  4. Pretty based, the numbers should be higher though

  5. You guys arent focusing enough on the fact that this guy eats so much sirup he has to fill that shit up TWICE a month

  6. Depends on what you mean by selfish. Always puts their own needs ahead of others? No. Always motivated by self interest? Yes

  7. Technically yes, our brain releases chemicals as a reward for helping others, and we subconsciously chase those feelings of accomplishment after helping someone else, making helping others an endeavor motivated by self-interest, but that's not a really useful definition of selfishness, as the means by which we do that don't really matter, because every animal that could ever exist would be motivated by self-interest in everything they do, even animals that are very highly co-operative, like bees or termites. It also shows that we will subconsciously want to help others, which is a very counter-intuitive idea of selfishness.

  8. Not working yet, but I'm studying physics

  9. After my masters, i'm planning om getting my doctorate (if my average grade is good enough to get the research fellow position). I'd like to do research and maybe teach as well. Particle physics is really exciting right now. The standard model needs reworking and i'd like to help:)

  10. Cringe centralism, party and production score🤨

  11. We are not gonna justify fascist attacks on liberal politicians

  12. I just see it as a win-win. I don't care for Nacy Pelosi's safety

  13. Fascists feeling comfortable enough to try to murder politicians is in no way a win. Do you think it was good when the brownshirts killed social democrats?

  14. Yeah, there are more of us than you might think, a lot of ansrchist thinkers have been INTJs for example emma goldman

  15. You dont need to have sex to be in a relationship?

  16. I cant be the only one who feels really bad for the guy😭

  17. You can never really know with fromsoft, but the theory that makes the most sense to me is that it belongs (or rather belonged) to the blacksmith deity

  18. This is tricky. I'm an INTJ with a strong feeling side. It makes lots of stuff/descriptions about INTJ feel not quite right for me. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about the distinction between those two types that can give you good hints about what your type is.

  19. Thank you! Always appreciate when people take the time to help, this was pretty enlightening:)

  20. Wouldnt you say ny Fe is too high?

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