E3 metro map VS game

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  1. I'm a pretty new player (also on console) and, outside of aesthetics and the "cool factor," I don't quite understand the rationale for having metro and monorail. They seem to serve the same function, but those monorail stations produce a lot of noise and can't be put underground if in heavily residential areas.

  2. You are right, monorails are useless and hard to place, but I still use them purely because they look cool.

  3. Yeah noise pollution in Cities Skylines makes no sense imo, makes it pretty much impossible for me to place a damn metro in the downtown of my cities

  4. Just spam some trees between station and houses. But remember, only free-standing trees block noise, roadside ones don't (they reduce road noisiness but do nothing to noise from other sources).

  5. Editing lane arrows and traffic lights timing. It's weird that it isn't a thing in vanilla, you have to abuse the hell out of different road types to get proper lane math. For example, when merging two 1way-3lane highways into one 2way-6lane avenue, you have to change inbound highway into 1way-6lane avenue piece because otherwise it wastes 1 lane on a u-turn into outbound one.

  6. All good fun until it comes to picking which of the 33 refracted instances of the street you're approaching to step into and get mowed down by a bus.

  7. The bus was AI-controlled and control was secretly overridden by government because they want their facial recognition working on everyone.

  8. There's always alternative of paying nothing and afking in jail instead.

  9. Its not that, I'm on about the replay glitch. It had a cap of like 3 mil per 30 minutes before update but now it stops paying out on 2nd replay.

  10. I just did 2 panthers in a row with safe money, worked well.

  11. I have that Pacific Kuruma apartment still, decided to keep it after pacific became obsolete, because I like how driveway looks/feels.

  12. For the last time (for anyone who needs to hear this), regular flying cars are not lore-friendly, and Mike Pondsmith urged against implementing them in the game.

  13. I kinda get what you mean, but then also, vanilla AVs look like basically train wagons with jet engines instead of wheels. There isn't a lot of visible mechanisms or aerodynamical stuff, it's really just a body and four engines, and therefore it doesn't feel too crazy to have illegaly modified regular cars with AV engines installed.

  14. I'm always going for 100% in games, it's important for me to unlock not just all achievements but all extra content and progression, stuff like collectibles, bonus endings, etc, so in games with many missables I have to read guides before doing anything. For example in Cyberpunk 2077 I had to google list of iconic weapons before every quest, to make sure I don't miss something, I also looted every single inch and then spent more time in inventory than in game itself. During Clouds quest I actually reached Woodman before even talking to dolls, then I cleaned entire area and returned back to not miss the dialogue. Btw it was kinda disappointing when V was all like "don't bother me, just tell me where to find Woodman" while I returned there for exact opposite reason.

  15. because arasaka isnt #1 voted Johnny would probably say something like 'you piss-ants haven't learned a thing have you? walking around with your dick in your hand instead of opening your eyes. everything you see is a result of arasaka, dont you fucking get it?"

  16. Yeah I saw another commenter mentioning that. Quite interesting to see that regional pricing varies wildly. Most of the time if a game is 60$ (for example) it's also 60€. I wouldn't have guessed that stuff like factorio would be as good as free in other countries.

  17. It's not that people like Factorio less in these countries, it's that in Russia, for example, 600$/month is a decent wage, can you imagine buying 60$ games with salary like that?

  18. Dunno about others but for lvl50 legendary weapons, they have same rolls and everything, only different damage type (burn/electric/chemical/physical).

  19. I dont think you can physically leave it at his house until he calls, but you can use the trailer like usual. I always have a full load of wood for when he calls but just toss shit in the trailer anyway. The wood is only a skin that goes higher in the trailer, not physically tbere.

  20. I noticed, but I heard trailer is much heavier and therefore Kekmet is slower this way?

  21. Street Cred levels up crazy fast. And the most important items to buy are the implants. Street Cred assures you can't get the best one from the start, but rather have to try different quality ones. Who didn't want to try Gorilla Arms/Mantis Blades/ Double Jump?

  22. So things like invisibility (camo), second heart, invulnerability to certain damages (poison, burn etc.) monowires/mantis blades/gorilla arms, Sandevistan, different quickhacks (not implants, but also dependent on lvl) are not as fun as DPS increase? Damn are you boring

  23. Yes, all things you listed are not fun for me, indeed.

  24. I did 100% and I haven't been bothered by sickness, it's just some visual effects sometimes, what's there to worry about?

  25. Correction: gaming friends who ALSO live in the same area, are available at same time periods, and want to play this game and with you.

  26. Luckily they planned for 25 tiles, a bit more than 9

  27. Were there plans on some stage to make all 25 tiles buyable in vanilla?

  28. This raises the question of why they modeled the zones for all 81 tiles and decided not to use them. If they thought PC’s couldn’t handle it why did they model them?

  29. Well, it would kinda look awkward if playable area would just suddenly stop with a cliff into nothing (though Simcity 4 was ok with it, it even had a mod that throws garbage off that cliff).

  30. Do you mean real life or Cities:Skylines?

  31. Monorails have a higher capacity than metro and above ground, they use a lot less space: you can have both the tracks and stations entirely on roads. They also have cheaper bridges if you use many of those. But of course the obvious disadvantage is you cannot have them below ground.

  32. Spam N, eat everything in your fridge and drink from the tap ASAP

  33. Btw, if you just entered red, can you die immediately from actions that increase it further? Like, your bladder goes red, then you drink from tap and die immediately. Or is it "frozen" once red and timer keeps ticking at same pace no matter what?

  34. Well, when stats like hunger or thirst go red, it means it's at 100%. When they go up to 200%, it's game over. You can't see it, but only when it is too late. (I'm typing that on my Android TV, typing is horrendous.)

  35. Ok, thanks. So if they went red around the same time, it's better to drink-pee first and eat second (cause sausages add thirst).

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