1. It's a tie between 1 and 3 for me.

  2. Side cutscenes? Half the main story cutscenes are not just silly, but badly written and horribly voice acted (in English). I haven't played the Yakuza series but I am certain it's nowhere as bad.

  3. When I am mad, I just look at pictures of Mwamba and that calms me.

  4. Pretty sure Eleanor will be a Leviathan.

  5. Wow, this is the first time I am buying a Switch ver over the PS version.

  6. It is still difficult to acquire in certain countries as well.

  7. It looks like a promo for early MvC.

  8. I find it interesting that Luna who will be rotating out of Shadowverse with their new expansion update later coincides with her Global release.

  9. Who exactly would Dib be in this context, I wonder...Emiya, maybe?

  10. The Tojo clan isn't the smartest bunch, this is the same group that blamed Kiryu for his dad getting shot, while he was in the same room as him, and the shot obviously came from outside the building.

  11. And that's why Tojo fell into shambles it's a joke Daigo fans

  12. She's going to do what any good Royal should do with a magical sword.

  13. Ah Generals. If this game were to be made today; Twitter will go ballistic.

  14. Which was the previous oldest song in-universe? Machine Gun Kiss?

  15. I'm interested in seeing if they can handle it as well as 0 did. Hopefully this means other previous characters like Majima and Akiyama can be party members too,

  16. If only his VA is not so elusive :/

  17. I mean Corrin can be a Dragonstone user. Doesn't get more unique as a FE-Lord than this.

  18. And looking at the picture, it seems Corrin has the Dragonstone on hand instead of the Yato.

  19. Incredible! By crossing his arms he can attack while keeping his guard up!

  20. And this is part ofwhy Judgement had to end :(

  21. If I have a nickel for everytime I get attracted to a priestess' back, then I will have two nickels which isn't a lot but it's weird it happened twice now.

  22. They didn't have to go that far but I appreciate these little things they added nonetheless.

  23. It feels like an SMT spin off game. If you played them before in the past and like them, you'll like this one. I'm enjoying it.

  24. Because it is literally a spin-off. It is under the Devil Summoner umbrella with close relations to Raidou games and obviously the original Soul Hackers.

  25. How would you guys compare it to TMSFE in the end ? Are the dungeons similar, or even less involved ? What about the story and combat gameplay ?

  26. TMS has better dungeons in design, involvement, and enemy encounters. I also prefer the battle system of TMS. At least in TMS, both you and enemies take advantage of the follow-up systems. Here in SH2, exploiting weaknesses is just bonus damage. Also SH2 has slow animations and a lot of load times even in the PS5. The only thing going on for SH2 on is a better focused story tbh.

  27. you've injected xc3 in your bloodstream or something?

  28. What the snuff?! You haven't? Queen's feathers...

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