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  1. This was the first thing I thought right when it happened. Why the fuck is there only 1 camera at the pentagon. And what fucking plane? That was a rocket 🚀. I was a junior in high school and I could clearly see them feeding us bull shit.

  2. Yeah. You can go frame by frame of that shitty video and clearly understand that a massive plane did not hit the Pentagon

  3. Jordan also dated Emily S after rivals 2 - he has the best stock options for exes out there

  4. What?! I didn’t know he dated Emily Schromm(?!)

  5. Just wait til you find out about rhetorical questions. They’ll blow your mind 😉

  6. Better to go with a passive aggressive insult than admitting you agree with a dumbass commentary on Twitter. Good play. 😂🤣🤡

  7. You mean like I did in my original comment, idiot?

  8. Jesus. Pausing on this. I’m sitting in an airport lounge about to bawl my eyes out

  9. You think I…have…Grace?

  10. This makes me want to watch a ton of iconic moments with no added soundtrack p

  11. 0% chance it’s true. And I don’t care.

  12. Aunt Baby? She never would’ve made it

  13. Everyone loves this, but I don’t get it. Stiller is doing his usual over the top and everyone breaks up. Why? George falling over? Elaine losing it? Why?

  14. I know. I can’t believe people laugh at things they find funny! /s

  15. Who got to you? Priest? Sneaky uncle?

  16. The jacked up truck with paper tags that pulled a hit and run on me didn’t get the memo on the benefits of the zipper merge 😵

  17. Espresso with a twist of lemon for me

  18. The classic! You might not even need the twist with these because the fresh zest lets the lemon linger a nice long time after each bite. I was wishing I’d taken a sip before adding the milk and sugar this morning myself. Would you have a favorite with that twist of lemon?

  19. When I was in the best shape of my life (5’10, 180, 9% body fat), PBJs were a staple. What a weird hill to die on

  20. The Dinner Party is awful, in terms of evoking a visceral reaction of discomfort. It’s brilliant

  21. Based on those fingers, she must’ve been created by AI

  22. Explain the alleged possible SA allegations? Are you talking about the vague reference to someone on a show he was on being sexually assaulted?

  23. It doesn’t relate to that.

  24. That's exactly what I was referencing actually. That thread doesn't even have a link to a story just someone saying they heard something.

  25. Oh I thought you were talking about the Evan/Kenny thing with your prior comment

  26. Is this what people do when they are porn addicted? I watch porn but I never do or think things like this, wth?

  27. I knew of a guy with a beautiful girlfriend, and he couldn’t even get hard unless he was watching porn, regardless of what she did or wore. Now that is what you call a destructive porn addiction.

  28. I think it’s an easier trap to fall into than people realize…

  29. Def had a Le Labo worker tell me that Rose 31 had a sort of “BO and vagina” smell. Didn’t know what to make of that one

  30. My very first character when D2 released was a barbarian. I quickly realized what a mistake that was.

  31. Start whirlwind…IM cast mid-WW…dead HC barb

  32. Is this the version of the Catalina Wine Mixer?

  33. I have a bad knee and wear a compression sleeve on it when I do certain activities. I’m guessing thats the reason

  34. That went from “girl fight” to “attempted murder” quite quickly

  35. Knowing him, even if he reached the $1 million, he'd still show up on the show anyway.

  36. 💯 he would take a season or two off to do fuckboi things and post on Instagram, then he would come back to “show everyone how it’s really done on the challenge”

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