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[@OscarPiastri] I understand that, without my agreement, Alpine F1 have put out a press release late this afternoon that I am driving for them next year. This is wrong and I have not signed a contract with Alpine for 2023. I will not be driving for Alpine next year.

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  1. i literally bought the exact same bottle of fiji water today for $3 💀

  2. Ya but we're talkin bout deluxe here. Not that peasant $3 shit.

  3. NTB. He sounds abusive and toxic. Cheating is sometimes a way for people to find the courage to leave abusive relationships.

  4. oh yeah sure, lets cheat on the abusive and toxic person. surely that’ll go well when they find out 💀

  5. i love how you hound on him for being insecure and then you go ahead and encourage your “best friend” to validate his insecurities lol. congratulations, now you’ve given her bf a valid reason to be insecure and the way he is. YTB

  6. Tell her parents and ask them to take her. She’s no longer your problem. If she’s had a job before she can get a job again

  7. You may find your girlfriend beautiful but give your eyes a break. It’s pretty weird if you think about it, have you ever seen a couple walking and just staring at each other like, it’s creepy. Make sure to make time to talk to others who arent your girlfriend, if you abandon your self worth for someone else, it’s creepy. I’ve been guilty of doing this too

  8. To add on to that, I don’t know if it’s just me but when watching sub I found that it’s easier to evoke some sort of emotional reaction out of me simply due to the way word are very enunciated in the japanese language. It just feels like they’re more serious about it. When I listen to dub and I hear the VA in english, where words, letters and syllables are not enunciated to the same degree, it just feels lazier (even if that’s not the case and it’s just an inherent difference in language styles).

  9. This is one of those “you just had to be there” moments of F1

  10. They say not to do drugs when you’re depressed or at a low point in your life. I stand by that advice tbh. Doing any drugs when you’re at your lowest is just going to eventually make it worse in ways. You’ll Come to resent something that should’ve been used responsibly, ideally when you’re in a good headspace. Same thing with shrooms. It’ll help you to appreciate the experience for what it is a lot better

  11. You’re completely right! Unfortunately I was a dumb teen that constantly made bad decisions. That being said, I do feel very fortunate that despite smoking weed at a low point I was able to keep a handle and not go off the rails or anything. Many years later and I’m still a casual weed smoker and quite honestly life has been getting better. Weed definitely is not for everyone and no one should do what I did. I just consider myself very lucky :)

  12. We all do dumb things, it’s what we learn that counts! Don’t beat yourself up about what you know you’d do differently now (:

  13. on a side note, our avatars look like the same person talking to each other

  14. did OP mention anywhere that this was an unplanned pregnancy? i can’t seem to find anywhere where she mentions that. if it doesn’t mention it anywhere then why are you talking like this was an unplanned pregnancy?

  15. call me crazy but i thought the unplanned part was the placenta abruption. you know, the one that is now risking not only her pregnancy but her life too. i think that was the unplanned bit which is making her question the pregnancy

  16. i love how you and your friend were both getting high but your friend still had the fear of god put in him with that joint 😭😭😭

  17. I grew up in the Philippines and my dad would often have to go on business trips to hotels and resorts due to the nature of his business and even though he was always working he brought us (my mom, sister and i) with him and framed it as a family beach trip. I remember coming here and it was one of the last trips where he was able to spend time with us and not at an office or a meeting. that’s what this place reminds me off

  18. What is wrong with everyone in this comments section? Y’all are acting like high schoolers and talking as if OP and everyone in his post are children. Please grow up and understand that men and women can be completely platonic friends.

  19. Not quite nuclear revenge, but it certainly went critical.

  20. It was still removed from pro revenge for not being pro enough

  21. hey man i think you should get a refund, this one looks a bit defective

  22. The mistake is that now she sees how much of a leech he has been not working and not going to school all this time. He’s 22, how has he not been working all this time? Because he hasn’t had to with his mom giving what she doesn’t have for hiM to live SOLO! He should be babysitting his siblings, cleaning her house, all kinds of things.

  23. i keep seeing you replying to comment after comment trying so desperately to prove that OP is NTA. first off, wow you sure are passionate. and second, all your replies are littered with negative assumptions that OP never actually talked abt. Did OP ever mention her bf had siblings? Do we know he doesn’t help out his mom around her house? Do we know how far he lives from his mom? You bring up this absolutely hypothetical scenario abt the mother making a WIBTA post to further antagonize OPs bf. If you’re going to antagonize, stick to using the details that OP provided us with instead of purposefully creating made up stories that are almost borderline straw man arguments.

  24. Seriously, you are asking me to clarify things from the original post such as if the OP BF has siblings? Clearly you can’t read, it’s there in black and white. What does how far he lives from his mom have anything to do with this, let’s say he lives 1 mile from her, then what? It has zero meaning. Also, the hypothetical WIBTA wasn’t to antagonize the OP BF, that’s a bizarre stretch. It was for the numerous YTA replies when that’s not how they would respond to the hypothetical post. Your English skills are lost on me regarding her calling out his mistake admitting his mother is debt. It’s not that big of a stretch that all this time she thinks the support for her BF isn’t an issue for the mom, but once she learns that the mom is in debt she saw everything in a different light and then blasted him and created this post. She didn’t blast him prior to his admission of his moms financial situation. If providing an alternative view point the numerous people dragging her with ridiculous reasons (saying she’s in the same position, but isn’t since she’s in school) equates to me being hateful and bitter, whatever you feel comfortable with defining me I don’t care. I’d say that assessment describes the majority of the YTA responses dragging her. Also, btw, still cracking up about your “littered with negative assumptions” when your very first question to me was in stated in the OP post.

  25. lol facts i had a brain fart on the sibling part. what do you mean how far he lives from his mom has nothing to do w this? you’re talking abt how he should be helping his mom out and what not but if he lives halfway across the country w his gf that’s not exactly possible now is it? still stand by everything else i said. you’re just rlly mad for some reason. is everything ok at home? are you seeing a therapist? do you need someone to talk to?

  26. I don’t know why but I just assumed this was something that only happened with me.

  27. Hey! Despite what you may say, I don’t think it’s right to say you deserve to be in a bad place. Whatever your past activity may be (or possibly lack thereof), I see you’re making an active effort to better your life for both you AND your cat, and that’s enough!

  28. NTA but your wife is doing too much honestly. Pregnancy or not there is absolutely ZERO excuse for her to treat you like that. It is abusive and controlling.

  29. Idk if this is relatable, but when I was a kid I tried to smack a sign on the road while we were driving, my finger skimmed the sign and let me tell you, didn’t try it again ( nvm this isn’t relatable )

  30. the only reason i’ve never done this despite thinking about it multiple times growing up is because (and this is a very vivid memory to this day) my mom once told me while we were on the bus that if i stuck my hand out the window, my arm would get chopped clean off by another bus or something

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