1. in gimp there's a filter called "little planet" which does something similar, how to do it in AE?

  2. I'm wondering how their cv would look like in a world where YouTube and twitch didn't exist

  3. All YouTubers are technically film-makers. If they made artistic content that's the title I guess they would have used.

  4. This question is above 300% of the people's heads here. Know your audience, ask the right questions. Want to know how to eq a snare? Ask away. Or Google it.

  5. This one seemed the most appropriate subreddit to ask this question, wasn't sure where else I would have asked it.

  6. What he meant, I suppose, since he was not an idiot, was that philosophy should primarily consist of asking certain questions - over and over. The answers however are not something universal. Each and every individual has to ask those questions to get the particular individual answer.

  7. Appreciate your comment, it's always good things to see from another perspective.

  8. Always enjoy a good thought experiment but this needs to have a stage two for lack of better articulation of thoughts. this T.E. often leads to thought of depressing futures and that is why this particular needs to be balanced with how one has been the spark of convergent moments.

  9. The script is in the description of the video if anyone prefers reading it instead.

  10. film your interactions and call yourself a youtuber

  11. If you don't want to watch the video but read it instead, the script is in the description. Here's the first two paragraphs for preview:

  12. Why would I care about that question

  13. I already know this is true before watching the video, I saw fight club 8 months ago for the first time and my life has never been the same

  14. Each time you watch it you understand it a little more

  15. Self-improvement is masturbation. Now self-destruction is the answer.

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