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  1. i like paper clips. it is so hard to unstaple everything.

  2. I’ve had to do that for an attorney on a case that was TEN YEARS OLD. Only I had to go through every letter, pleading, memo, etc and basically guesstimate the time worked. It was a nightmare and I got a new job as soon as I could. I agree with others, look elsewhere.

  3. I had to do that once when I was interning. It sucked terribly and I had to keep editing it. "It takes more than six minutes to read emails from X." I'm so glad to be somewhere now where we're responsible for our own time.

  4. Are you in the U.S.? You can order it online or go to a health food store.

  5. FYI this shirt is sold on amazon if you want to buy it cuz its so awesome


  7. i saw this shit when I last went to ulta. all of truly's products come in a 25lb glass bottle with an industrial metal cap.

  8. Not really. Hell lets use that number, 10,000 sounds like a nice round approximation

  9. dont forget to factor in dog bites that were provoked by a dumb human

  10. My really close friend's mother rented her basement apartment to a family that owned a pit bull. For over two years they were close. She was a dog lover and church and humane society volunteer. I say was because that pit bull she was kind to one day jumped up and ripped her throat out and she was dead in minutes.

  11. other dogs can do that too. i had a dog that was half pitbull and he never even hurt a fly.

  12. Absolutely and I just want to say; its normal and its not your fault

  13. I used to do Medieval LARPing. Parent said that everyone who does it is a loser. After explaining that while hitting each other with foam swords is kinda dumb and an activity that I did not participate in I also explained the historical and craftsmanship aspect of it as well as the friendship. They didnt believe me and tried to shun me from going with my then boyfriend. Also an attempt to keep me from seeing my then boyfriend now husband. When a fellow LARPer died in a horrific car crash after trying to go home after a practice event my parents said he shouldnt have been at the practice anyway because LARPing is stupid apparently.

  14. Granted, the local Sheetz' all-day MTO breakfast food quality is absolute dogshit, no matter what time of the day... Important things such as eggs missing from an egg bacon cheese sandwich happening multiple times to different friends of mine, as well as myself...

  15. i like the bagel egg sandwiches. i have never had the eggs missing lol or any other ingredient for that matter

  16. Yeah, my Sheetz breakfast experience was ruined after two consecutive bad experiences - the one with the eggs missing from the sandwich and the next when the breakfast burrito appeared to be (and in some ways tasted like) it was filled with literal human feces...

  17. chapstick may be irritating it more. try a lip scrub then applying an oil like jojoba. and use vaseline or aquaphor throughout the day.

  18. Idk if you went to school to become a paralegal but something our teachers stressed is that you can’t just give advice like a layperson, literally BECAUSE you are a paralegal.

  19. My professors stressed the fact that we can tell people what laws are and to be confident in our legal knowledge but use good judgement at the same time

  20. I find that difficult to believe but maybe you’re not in the US? Idk

  21. I have a samsung galaxy s8 plus. I keep getting a notice on my phone about every five to ten minutes saying i need to update "Device Health Services" to continue running google apps. WHen I click on it it takes me to the app Google Play Services telling me to deactivate it. When I click deactivate it says "this app is a device administrator and must be deactivated before uninstalling" then nothing happens. I also tried disabling "Device Health Services" whatever that is and it continues. I also tried restarting and updating my phones software and nothing resolves the issue. Is this malware or is this an issue with my phones software? Even though it says I wont be able to run google apps, it still runs google apps.

  22. Ask them how they would feel if you asked them to kneel and pray to Allah.

  23. i was thinking that. how would a Catholic feel if they were forced to attend Jewish temple.

  24. Ask "Is this Lutheran? Can I drink before and during?"

  25. I have become increasingly disappointed in humanity by observing the conflicts other have with each other. I just cant understand why people cant respect one another and their boundaries. I am trying to figure out how us HSPs can influence humanity to turn this around.

  26. I like Harvey! What about Phantom (of the opera)? It’s going to be tough to beat Harvey.

  27. I was gonna say Phantom. He looks like Phantom of the Opera.

  28. this is a great way to explain something so hard to explain without going into detail. i am on the verge of going NC with my dad after he got upset that I am unable to spend christmas with him when he is the one refusing to attend christmas at my grandmas where everyone will be.

  29. dont forget flexjobs where you have to fucking PAY MONEY.

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