1. Probably a bit less built, since the Dokutah is fairly useless when it comes to physical stuff.

  2. It's so bland, idk what they were thinking when they accepted this design

  3. the artist is a seinen mangaka, maybe he wanted to depict it seinen style, but i dunno what lasagna's thinking when they greenlighted the design.. they should've polish it before releasing it

  4. Nah it’s goofy ahh art I like the FA and that’s it

  5. 2nd ascension art is more goofy but the 3rd ascension has this badass ooga booga bandicoot aura lol

  6. Campaign knights (Gravel included), as well as many knightclubs/orders like the Silverlance Pegasi.

  7. I.... always keep forgetting that gravel, for all the memes of her being the redeployable meatshield, is actually a Campaign knight, strong as fuck and destroyed an organization of human trafickers herself.

  8. Unlike most Campaign knights in the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi, Senomy is more specialized in covert Ops and assassinations, hence why her uniform is different from the rest.

  9. Meanwhile, I just have W e2 on Mystic Sea at all times. SN was good to me. I earned that shit.

  10. My best guess is that once the Victorian Crisis arc is done, we'll move on to Rim Biliton, since that's where the Rhodes Island landship was "discovered". Who knows what kind of stuff we would find, and whether we could visit Steel Robot City (Auntie Savage's hometown).

  11. Everyone in this thread is making a mistake: the mistake of assuming one's gender. I don't see no pronouns in that bio! 😇

  12. This is giving me the fanfic writing itch.

  13. please, we need some good arknights x fate crossover, the last fate x arknights fanfic i've been reading is not being yet updated for the last 3 months :( (eden candidate) and the one arknights x fate is on indefinite hiatus too (heart of ice). and the other one that is my favorite. (Arknights: unyielding blade)

  14. I actually named my current account Dr. Archaman when the game first came out. Just finished the Solomon chapter of FGO when Arknights launched and I missed him :(.

  15. My current Account is named Dr. Emiya because He will save everyone (ooof)

  16. The thing I generally distaste about the entire fiasco with Kaschey is how Talulah seemed to haven't made any contingencies for Reunion to do once that (Kaschey taking control) inevitably happened.

  17. Kind of Understandable for Talulah for keeping the secret of her being the adopted daughter of the Snake, but yeah... She should atleast told yelena and buldrokas'tee.. but Then again, I can think of any reasons why talulah did not tell them fully,

  18. Red must be wild underneat- Wait Kal'tsit, that's now what I'm talkin-*gets yamcha'd*

  19. blue warzone is the reason I took a hiatus on this game because the fucking grind.

  20. I mean..I couldn't get selena because I joined this game very late. I had only 11 days I grinded non stop to the point I was so close yet so far and couldn't get that skin. Here I am again not being able to get qu's coating

  21. Been playing this game for a long time, on selena event (echo aria). ngl, While I've been enjoying this game more than HI3, I think I get easily burned out because I've been playing too much hack and slash action games, so that's why I took some hiatus. maybe I'll return when the new alpha frame is released

  22. Did.... The playwright just keeled himself over because of nian's godly shitty films?

  23. Fuck AKDP. They managed to outcringe genshin and outhorny blue archive

  24. Dunno about the cringe but outhorny? you are god damned right... fucking horny ass motherfuckers

  25. Skadi is that one character that I like, but feel bad bringing up due to the fact that her other fans give me second hand embarrassment

  26. whenever there is skadi post in the fb group it's always kyaa.. that's it, they are reduced into blubbering mess

  27. Sunno man... Matterhorn and Courier are waaaaay worse in my opinion. Also can i introduce you to Earthspirit?

  28. Why must it be that way? Why can't we get some wholesome ones?

  29. Ask the arknights nsfw artist on what's wrong on their noggin because the ratio of cursed is greater than the wholesome

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