1. Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and fear, fear and surprise. Our *two* weapons are fear and surprise, and ruthless efficiency. Our *three* weapons are fear and surprise and ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical dedication to the pope.

  2. Warning.... Make sure this is not kept in direct sunlight! It can focus sunlight to a fire starting pin point on combustible materials. Unless you need/want to start a fire, then have fun.

  3. Creepy! I expect them to break into song and start dancing around.

  4. I'm not going to lie. I appreciate the honesty and authenticity in him saying, "I don't know." I feel like someone who can do that can actually be challenged and assess their views if they are willing to be honest on that level rather than spewing a bunch of bullshit in order to preserve their pride.

  5. "I don't know".... Probably the most powerful words you can say. Followed by "Lets find out", all the better...

  6. Is it likely that this will receive some kind of public NORAD ID -- or whatever equivalent -- such that we can track where it is?

  7. I just looked up RC-135U Combat Sent. One of 2 in the country. Seems to be keeping a good eye on our interloper.

  8. Last I heard was that roughly 24 hours ago it was over Montana, which would mean it’s probably over the Dakotas or Minnesota by now.

  9. The real facepalm is why they didn't pull over to the side and let them pass like a normal person?

  10. He was not given a chance to.... They were moving crazy fast...

  11. If you look at the video other cars moved over cuz they heard the sirens

  12. I see that now. Driver needs a hearing test done. It all looked crazy dangerous.

  13. Please go check out the name change on HBAL617, which is the #1 tracked at the moment. Gave me a good chuckle.

  14. 5Z3 says:

    There used to be a show on NPR called “Car Talk” where people would call in with their car problems and these two mechanic brothers would try and diagnose what it was.

  15. For those who are confused, that star in the photo is the same shape as David's star (a symol of the Jews). It makes it look like they are saying they can set up fences to trap Jews.

  16. i get the connection but that technically isn't a Star of David, the Star of David is 2 equilateral triangles, Sheriff stars are also commonly 6 pointed stars and i would say this more closely resembles that.

  17. A government food support program for Women with Infants and Children.

  18. Despite the chaos and damage ice storms cause... they are beautiful.

  19. Kids clothing home, but definitely closer to kids do thing home which sounds like Kmart is having a stroke.

  20. Glad to see that site is still around after so many years.....

  21. The whole crafting order thing is borked on a low population server. Very few things are listed.

  22. Nobody’s gonna mention that those are Tibetan prayer flags?

  23. Honestly one of the best pics I have seen in a long while. A lot going on, and a lot of questions....

  24. "Honey, HONEY, it's FINE! We are in a Pinto, made by the fine Ford motor company. What's a little ash gonna do? This thing is impervious!"

  25. That is what got me. Is that a Pinto? Is he dragging his bike around on the back of a Pinto??? Oh, oh... Mountain exploding too!!!!

  26. Zeolites!!! Could even be travertine/geyserite. Was it a hot creek or cold?

  27. Yup, zeolites, if I remember correctly they formed in gas pockets in the local basalt.

  28. if not that, there are also helicopter magnetic detectors that look very similar for resource surveying.

  29. BLM is where it is at. As a rockhound I have spent many a night in the middle of nowhere on BLM land.

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