Literally shaking rn! One of my good friends asked for a favor. If her sis in law could stay in my guest room in Miami for her BBL appt… BIG REGRET!

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  1. I signed him on one of my careers in the championship, got promoted and sold him to la liga for about 50m. He's quite good and can belt in a few goals for you

  2. I signed him when my team was in league two. He was a monster for me, he was an 86 overall at the end of the season and Villarreal bought him for 100m

  3. Batman & Robin is certainly a bad movie. I love it so much. It’s worth watching for Arnold and his puns alone. But the whole movie is just campy fun

  4. She needs to make other arrangements. As soon as I read the words “use your thinking brain” I would be done.

  5. I was done after wow you don’t cook. The entitlement is real 😂🤡

  6. I didn’t find Ted Lasso likeable. An incompetent, unqualified, mediocre dude gets a job he doesn’t deserve, then proceeds to be dumb and fail upward because people keep covering for him.

  7. Tbf getting relegated is not failing upward by any means

  8. The only reason why I know what an MSS is because of the Eriksen secret 7-layer salad for HIMYM 😂 that thing has been haunting me since 2005 🥲😅

  9. The other day one of my boys tank farted so loud he startled himself awake

  10. Lol. Same for mine, then he has the audacity to look at me like I’m the one who did it 😂

  11. I participated in some market research for a new beer.

  12. Sounds like the Duncan principle but with beer

  13. I found all the battle scenes at the wall to be pretty kick-ass as well visually.

  14. Watchers on the wall is one of the best episodes imo

  15. To quote Bill Burr, you think it’s your friend

  16. Why is everyone scared to say partey’s name? Everyone knows that’s who the article is talking about but we don’t wanna say the (alleged) rapists name??

  17. Any name as alcohol. Chardonnay, Tequila, etc. Saw those a lot as a teacher. Had a male student named Crash Danger. Not kidding.

  18. Yup knew a kid name courvoisier, they called him vossy

  19. One of my best friend’s name is Jameson, his dad wanted to name him Jack Daniels and this was the compromise

  20. It’s even worse in Spanish since x is pronounced very differently to the English x, kinda hard to describe since there’s no such sound in English ( at least I think so, it’s the same as the german ch)

  21. Dos Equis beer is popular here so latinx in Spanish is latinequis or so I’d assume

  22. She looks like a young Rosa Diaz

  23. The irony being that I think Gisele’s older than Stephanie Beatriz lol

  24. The Fierro episode when Ted is teaching Barney how to drive. “This isn’t right. God never meant for us to travel at suck breakneck speeds,” - Barney, while driving 2mph

  25. Most of culdesac tbh. That’s still my fav out of all his fantastic work

  26. He stopped doing it now but I used to get a kick out of Justin Roberts slipping into a 5 second Macho Man impression when introducing Jay Lethal from ELIZABETH, New Jersey.

  27. I loved when he did omega’s NORTH CAROLINAAAAA

  28. Is it just me or after the hardy line did Bowens say, they’re too small hop on mine 😂😂

  29. That would be really cool, especially considering how similar Angle and Gable's gimmicks are. Kurt would be like the mentor of the Alpha Academy.

  30. But the Golden rules applies to her, she's hot.

  31. True, however she got progressively crazier but not any hotter..

  32. I'd really love to have a season where one of the big 6 get relegated. Hasn't happened in my 10 or so prem seasons.

  33. Liverpool once got relegated in one of my saves but it was like year 10-11. Came right back the next season but were stuck in mid table hell for the rest of the save.

  34. or what about that busty delivery girl from that one time?

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