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  1. There's "flawed" and there's "Being an adult male that pays random Internet strangers for (dom/sub-like) sexual interactions" though.

  2. People come back from actual IRL cheating and go on to have thriving relationships. The naïve thing is to believe that this is uncommon and can't be worked through.

  3. Yea, most guys relationship with online porn go back further than their actual current relationship.

  4. Ah man this whole thing just made me realise I need to delete my Reddit app again. I really don't fucking care but I've found myself in a position where I'm acting like I do. You shoulda seen the size of the rebuttal comment I almost posted. Seriously who cares? Some guy is wanking somewhere and two people that don't know him are trying to argue the toss (pun very much intended) on whether the entire relationship is doomed based on almost no other info.

  5. I've always thought immigration targets should be linked to housing targets. For every 2 or 3 new units built, allow 1 work visa. Maybe that would finally force the government's hand on planning reform and get new public housing initiatives going. And put an end to the "immigrants stole my house" rhetoric.

  6. It would also help to link the net profit that migrants bring in to how much we spend on infrastructure and housing in this country.

  7. CNC? COMMAND N CONQUEROR? Hell yeah let's rev up that game and make the fantasy become a reality!

  8. Maybe a fully stacked floor to ceiling bookshelf that goes from the TV to the window? Books add texture, colour, warmth and class to a room.

  9. There's been something odd that I can't quite put my finger on about a lot of the camerawork at the world cup. Particularly crowd shots and shots of players in the tunnel etc. Maybe it's just a really high quality camera, or perhaps there's even some image processing that's going on in there. Everything looks like it's shot in profile mode on a phone camera.

  10. scoring ALL 3 pens against a keeper that seems good (idk how good he is) id say is quite impressive, as he may become predictable or mess up or just anything they may lead to not scoring. but that didnt happen

  11. His penalties were so fucking good that the keeper guessed right, got a hand to a couple of them and they still went it.

  12. Do you have any idea how much Argentina hates us as country? You can’t support them regardless of who they’re playing.

  13. Everyone hates us. The most widely celebrated holiday in the world is 'independence from Britain day. ' we're the Man U of world football. Everyone everywhere roots against us.

  14. A lot of that (other than history, which for some reason all the other countries with an awful history seem to be forgiven for when it comes to football fans), seems to primarily be based on the fact that we’re “arrogant” and “always think we’re going to win”, whereas I think if you ask most English fans before a tournament they’ll say we’ve got a good squad but will probably go out in the QF or SF at best.

  15. We think that at the start of a tournament. Then every single time we have a good game where our players string like three passes together and we immediately think "oh fuck it's this time!"

  16. Personally, since I have some background in operatic singing, I think one thing it’s coming from is that pop music often defies a lot of the strategies that are really important for singing opera. One of the key differences is what situation people are primarily singing (are they recording in a studio? Is it for an audience? Are there mics?) If most of your listeners are listening to the studio recorded version of your song a lot of the things that are super important for opera don’t matter. I personally was so impressed with Post Malone because he adapts his singing/rapping style for live shows to add more energy to his music and make it more appropriate for a live audience. I’ve never seen Billy Eilish live so take this with a grain of salt but in my opinion her style comes off quiet, whispery, and nonchalant - it almost just sounds like she’s talking - but she does this very intentionally and it’s totally fine for a studio recording. That would not go across well to a live audience of an opera where you need to resonate your voice in a big room and won’t have a mic. Singing is so hard because each style has a certain set of important techniques and often different styles directly clash with each other and break all rules of another style. It’s probably hard for Reddit to actually find trainers for 15 different styles. Obviously the teacher is going to go with what they are trained for because it’s super hard to switch advice for different music styles, but it is a bit harsh and uninformed to say Billie Eilish is not singing at all. There are SO many different styles, so maybe it’s best to find the right coach for the context / music style that you want to sing!

  17. The thing that baffles me about Eilish is how bubbly she is when she's not singing. Watched her Glastonbury set and the songs were all delivered in a low and ominous tone, only for her to snap straight into American Cheerleader mode as soon as it was done. 'Oh my gahhhhd you guys look greeeaayyyt' etc. Can't remember having ever seen such a big disconnect between someone's real personality and the music they make.

  18. you missed my point. i'm sick of hearing about the world cup in any capacity. anything i've heard about it has been against my will. you have no idea how many twitter trends i've had to mark as spam and they still show up. i'm just bitter at this point

  19. It's finished. So you probably have a lovely four year respite before it's a problem for you again.

  20. Penalties are a terrible way to determine the ultimate winner of soccer's greatest prize.

  21. I'm not gonna cook it but I'll order it from ZANZIBAR!

  22. Most people only own one phone so asking them to pick between two will rarely get you a nuanced answer. All I can say is I went for a pixel 7 because I got a better deal and I love every part of it.

  23. 33 a month, no upfront, 25gb and a £200 prepaid mastercard which has basically paid for all my family's christmas presents!

  24. If you had to choose to have a nipple sized dick or dick sized nipples what would you pick?

  25. They do. It's just that the moose is always loose aboot the hoose.

  26. Listen to Josh Widdecombe and Rob Beckett's parenting podcast. initially it was about doing it during lockdown, but it's evolved into something really insightful, funny and interesting. Lots to learn there!

  27. I don't think it is solely responsible for killing the experience, but I do think that this is one of many 'bad' things we've gotten rid of that actually haven't improved our experience at all.

  28. Mate's dad frequently tells him that 'the best part of you dribbled down your mother's leg.'

  29. Just mix up a small amount of icing sugar and drizzle it on the handle.

  30. Most of the time you don't need to use anything. Pour a little bleach down, flush it and wait. Repeat a couple more times and it'll usually break down.

  31. Plus you know that the guy is going to talk about it to his friends.

  32. Man how cool was the guy with the hood dodging the first strike

  33. I love how #7 couldn't get the T in Trump Tower so it literally just says Rump Tower on this OFFICIAL card.

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