Moving out today. Sorry it couldn’t last forever. Thanks for the fun journey.

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  1. hand reveal for return of the king

  2. i’m back! thanks to those who reached out. i explained what happened a little more on my profile

  3. happy turkey day to those who celebrate!

  4. sorry for the absence again. i’ll try to keep going daily but i’m currently on thanksgiving break so i may miss a couple days for the next week

  5. There's a Lightning McQueen beanbag thing in the background. I want to see it up close.

  6. it used to be a beanbag chair but we’ve had it for about three years so now it’s just sad

  7. the king of hearts was voted out. may he rest in peace

  8. sorry for not posting yesterday oops

  9. the future queen has used all of her strength to move the pieces out of harms way

  10. the bishop finally sees the light of day again, only to realize the absolute chaos that has unfolded since it was arrested

  11. what kinda drugs are they selling though?

  12. daily reminder that i’m still alive

  13. the clock keeps ticking on the death beam…

  14. i conveniently had a mini chess set :D

  15. rest in peace lego police man, you served well

  16. How much premium have you gotten from all the awards on this series?

  17. not really a whole lot actually. most of the awards i get are the free ones, silver, and the

  18. you guys better not just turn around and make me mess it all up again lol

  19. sorry for the sudden hiatus, it has been an extremely busy weekend so i haven’t been able to be around the board much

  20. Didn't this win yesterday? It was on top the last time I checked and still is now.

  21. how is everyone doing today? personally i’m stressed af but i’m managing

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