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  1. you won't believe how long ago gays were illegal.

  2. Did you know that up until 2016 it was still legal to fire/evict/deny housing or occupation to someone because they were gay?

  3. the blood donation thing I think is still a problem in some places.

  4. I truly believed that Americans were too smart to vote for a slimy, orange conman/conspiracy theory.

  5. And more people voted for him the second time than the first.


  7. could almost say we're at the top.

  8. Can someone ELI5 to me what is going on across cities with shop lifting and other crimes not being addressed by police?

  9. It's just so utterly unfathomable to me as an Australian that the number could be that high in a year.

  10. Depends on where you live and who you vote for.

  11. Then graduated into a recession that never ended for them

  12. How easy is it to upgrade? Can I just buy a crucial nvme ssd and slide it into the second slot?

  13. check out youtube, there are videos of upgrades being done, see if it's in your wheelhouse.

  14. Ended up pulling the trigger here. This price point is typically just 1650s so after watching laptop prices for just shy of 3 months, this is my stop.

  15. I know man, feel like I really don't see many gaming laptops at this price, and if it can run like a steam deck I'd be very pleased

  16. Once again, you're doubt as to my gender is problematic and contributes to the murder of LGBTQ people worldwide.

  17. well, the thing is, when you realize your opinion is causing harm to others, and is not just an opinion to hold, but is doing real world harm.

  18. I went to Disney lands in March. That place was packed. There is no issue with Disney

  19. they own all american pop culture that makes money.

  20. Jihadists are also very conservative.

  21. Nuns wear their own version of a burka

  22. The reality tv "anti Hollywood" Guy who cosplayed President for 4 years then ended his only term with a terrorist attack is a weird thing to grasp as actual life

  23. Certainly weird having so many people cheering for the terrorists now

  24. God now I'm wondering what was said or done that just absolutely set him off

  25. just got it on sale too huh?

  26. If you're already planning on shucking, consider a manufacturer re-certified Seagate Exos 18tb for 189.99 on

  27. isn't refurbished bad in HDD?

  28. surprised this isn't an onlyfans niche.

  29. This is a thought I have at least once a fight.

  30. it's those rounds where I'm shooting on all sides but never hitting the target that make me quit for a bit.

  31. "Manually Authenticated by Steve, the only other guy still working here.

  32. Not mention a fucking idiot. Man is constantly being played while trying to market himself as a genius. Total clown.

  33. Lol this is the kind of shit that reinforces to me that Kanye was clearly in the midst of a manic episode

  34. "poverty is a mental health issue"

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