1. I’m tired of trying to get around the paywall. Can someone just post the list of the 186 banks that are at risk?

  2. My lord, I think he would have gotten further with the plan by just telling her brother “hey actually, we’re gonna go fuck in the woods. Can you just stay here?”this is just 1 fuck up after another.

  3. Any headline that starts with the view should just be disregarded at this point.

  4. > what the heck is a receivership cert?

  5. That’s as good as money, sir. Those are I.O.U’s. Go ahead and count it up, every cents accounted for…

  6. Basically all belts will do this to a point. I wouldn’t worry about it. That looks pretty normal.

  7. On a car a tensioner pulley would be in the middle to keep this from happening.

  8. Parents need to read this and take it to heart:

  9. Imagine scrolling through that comment section as a liberal and thinking “wow, what a diverse place of opinion and thought.” LOL.

  10. At least you won’t get banned for having a different opinion. We are happy to talk with those who disagree.

  11. I would think all you really need to say is that you're not licensed to work in other people's homes. I'm not either. that's all I tell people and I never get any nastiness about it

  12. Or more likely it’s all phoney and he’s farming views/clicks…

  13. I’m sure he watched a TV show without her they were watching together.

  14. If you want to send yourself to the shadow realm mix this with Nutella.

  15. Just yell “Self Service” and walk around the counter and get what you need.

  16. Just ask for a Fed Wire. That shuts them up in hurry. You cant fake a Fed Wire. The money is there or it’s not.

  17. So why the fuck isnt it taken down by the most powerful airforce on earth or a civilian with 22.

  18. was thinking that... maybe some electrical tape over it first then slide the stopper up.. probably last forever like that

  19. Blame every President and Congress for decades over this.

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