1. I traded the 22 1.02 and a 23 1st for chase last year. I thought I did extremely well. Especially since I wanted Walker. I still got him after this guy picked James cook at 1.02 and I was able to trade to 1.04 because that owner wanted isiah spiller there and I convinced him that he would still be there much layer

  2. Rank everyone in tiers. If he's the last guy in his tier (or last in the tier at a position you need), take him. If not, trade back as far as you can while still guaranteeing that you get someone in that tier.

  3. If JSN goes somewhere where can be WR1 with a competent QB I'd take him I think.

  4. Diggs is like 30. Feel like he's a late 1st for a contender.

  5. I think his value is closer to mid to late 1st like someone else suggested.

  6. I'm taking JSN over Gibbs but in your situation I'd try to trade down a spot or two and try to nab Charb.

  7. I don't like Burks QB situation. We'll see where JSN lands I guess.

  8. Depends on team need but I'm taking JSN unless someone offers me something good in picks and or player.

  9. It was the year the Jags defense was so bad he was throwing like 50 times a game with lots of garbage time pts lol.

  10. Geez, kinda like how the jets defense is ready and offense is ready except for the bad QB play. Rodgers is coming cause he knows they are there....

  11. Making the superbowl is hard, a ton of variables, so I never assume superbowl. However the expectation should be a contender and in the mix if we get Rodgers. We were in the playoff hunt all year with the statistically and visually worst QB in the league. 7 wins and 6 one score losses. Swap Rodgers for Wilson last year and we are definitely in the mix for a superbowl. Rodgers would have doubled our passing TD% which was league worst(4.8 to our 2.4), nearly doubled our passing TDs from 2nd worst (27 to our 15) and would increase our completion percent from league worst (64% to our 56%).

  12. I agree. I was saying it last year with even an average QB we would've made a run with our defense.

  13. I don't think so. Think he'll wear down before he gets there. I think he could be a 1a/1b situation with Warren.

  14. Nahhhh he’s a top tier backup. Can win a game in a pinch. Dude is not an NFL starter. There’s a reason he’s only getting paid $3mil

  15. I mean Matt Ryan was a top tier back up last year and got paid a lot more lol.

  16. Wasn't a crush but I was high on and took a chance on few receivers. Anthony Miller and Christian kirk. I made an unbelievable trade of offering the backup chiefs QB for 2 late 1sts and got my guys...what could go wrong?

  17. If it was two late firsts, it must have been.

  18. McCown telling him they'll play together in Charlotte, honest moment between two dudes or complete scumbag smoke and mirrors?

  19. Doesn't it feel good that the Jets are a team where players are now making up interest to gain L E V E R A G E and drum up offers from other teams?

  20. This is the worst commercial I've ever seen for anything.

  21. I know but they played the whole season together. It's not like Moore is a 10 year vet who has nothing in common with the youngins.

  22. Just look at GWs twitter reaction to the trade. It will tell you all you need to know. If he wasn't down with Elijah he would just shut up about it and go about his day. He not only tweeted something clearly showing he was upset but also retweeted M. Carter's praise to Moore.

  23. Trade it for a RB cause you need more depth there. Your WRs are stacked.

  24. I guess the question is whether he's actually good, or just competent and in a good situation.

  25. I didn't watch a lot of him but I know my Jets were projected to draft him out of BYU cause of the Zach Wilson connection I guess. So I looked into him a little bit and he produced well in college. Maybe he didn't have high draft cap because he was at BYU and their O line are like 30 year old men. Lol

  26. I want to know more about Trey McBride. Can acquire him in a package deal and want to know if it’s worth it

  27. He was supposed to be the top receiving tight end out of last year's draft but doesn't seem like he's a YAC monster. He did have a huge game to end the season.

  28. If I didnt already roster enough Texans in Nico, Metchie, Dameon, and Schultz, surely this will do it.

  29. I also have way too many Texans. I really hope they don't draft the guys I'm drafting lol.

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