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  1. I would of said Florida if you couldn’t see the plate.

  2. Wait is this gate keeping labor and he has “land lord” as hard working?

  3. I'm not surprised that Sydnee is one of those very rare ones who pronounces crayons "crowns", but it is the first time I've ever actually heard it said aloud.

  4. Incredibly, miserably hot? Especially since you're not getting any sort of coastal breeze? Uhhhh

  5. Yeah, we get that all summer every summer.

  6. Absolutely read this as "a whale, which was watching a boat, crashes into a dock." A little disappointed.

  7. Ah bummer, just learned my life sucks 😞

  8. Weird! Almost looks more like a tortilla than a calzone crust. Glad it tasted good.

  9. I'd imagine it's more of a crepe.

  10. The Tony Zaret lifecycle. Tony posts meme. Meme eventually gets posted on

  11. Wow. Someone took time out of their life to make this.

  12. It's a shitpost. It's satire. And it's pretty good.

  13. Okay, it's satire. What is it satirizing?

  14. Actual stupid conservative memes. Something like

  15. What an outrageously specific problem they're trying to solve.

  16. Wait has he been saying “Shiny day to you” this whole time? I thought it was “Smiley day to you” I either need my ears checked or a new brain.

  17. She says he says both, but I can't recall a single time he's said "shiny". If anyone can point to an instance he does I'll be happily rebuffed.

  18. Typically when I buy meat at the counter they just grab a handful of meat that's already been sliced. Definitely no chance for slice counting.

  19. Uhhhhh there’s a big difference between being unhappy with and hating your country.

  20. Hate and unhappy with are just different degrees of the same sentiment. Hating does not necessarily require leaving, just like unhappy with doesn't necessarily mean you'll do anything to fix anything.

  21. I fucking hope so. Zelensky is THE model for what a leader should be.

  22. I think John Stewart would be an incredible president. I don't blame him for not wanting the job.

  23. Nah it's not worth it alone tbh. Half the experience is about the banter and fun with friends/family. The chefs ask questions and yarn with diners about stuff during the meal.

  24. is it really? i thought naruto created the hand signs thing.

  25. Are you saying that Naruto invented using hand signs for spell casting (or whatever you want to call it)?

  26. I think it works quite well. No need to clean or cause waste, plus they keep it updated and you don’t have to wait for the waiter/waitress to deliver the menu to you. Of course, if it doesn’t work, then it can be a hassle and they should have some menus on hand just in case this happens.

  27. I really don't get the hate. It's not that fucking hard, and it really doesn't fail all that often in my experience. I guess I've been lucky, maybe, but this sounds a lot like "old man yells at cloud" material.

  28. Some restaurants put drinks in a bag with a straw in it rather than a typical cup. I dunno how common/uncommon it is but it just looks ugly imo

  29. Where the fuck have you seen that? Been plenty of places, never seen anything like a drink in a saline bag.

  30. In an alternate universe Trubisky is slinging no-look passes and winning Super Bowls in KC and Maholmes is a journeyman backup with a penchant for kissing titties

  31. Just wait until Helen has her shitty meat juices run into the buns, then blames this guy for it and leaves a bad review. Sometimes as an inventor, you must Helenproof your designs.

  32. You trying to make Helen the new Karen?

  33. Some do, many don't. And most wouldn't be drinkable anyways, they use methanol, which is toxic and what makes bad moonshiners blind.

  34. While I do agree with you, this meme actually grazes the point. Individual action is good and nice, but at the current stage only collective action can get meaningful changes in any time scale.

  35. Regardless, though, derision of action to fix the problem is antithetical to any meaningful action. So while I agree that collective action is needed, individual action is better than nothing, and combative inaction is incompatible with collective action.

  36. I guess anytime is a good time for pedantry.

  37. Hospice allows the actively dying to live their final days in comfort, in their own homes, surrounded by their loved ones. Hospice allows people to die with dignity and grace, and is greatly beneficial to families, lifting a good deal of the burden off of the family and caregivers. I'm not being pedantic; you said hospice is rough. I strongly disagree.

  38. Why are people like you so common on reddit?

  39. You said a thing I disagreed with. I disagreed. What's so hard with accepting that? Why are people like you so common, unwilling to admit you worded your original statement incorrectly and instead of saying what I think you mean to say (which I have no way of knowing, you said it, I'm now giving you the benefit of the doubt based on your further replies), said something completely different?

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