1. Can you find him in the wild after the mission. He always gets away.

  2. Yeah, I'm not sure where the "It's impossible to remaster because of the source code" comments are coming from.

  3. SH 1 & 4 are on PSN stores. Carry them over worldwide. Solved.

  4. Those are the ones who hold all the loot the BT's pick up. Make sure to kill them and collect everything they drop.

  5. Is it all kids, or did the bodies shrink during decomp?

  6. Good idea, thx! I know cruising spot to spot is a big part of street skating but when I'm trying to film for an edit I wish I could just fast travel to specific spots within the maps. I know there's the bus stops but they just seem to drop you into the various maps in the same spots correct? It'd be cool to have an option to save all the little tucked away spots you find as well as the marker with angle etc you set down to retry the trick. Is that a thing?

  7. I think a better transit system is coming in the update, but there isn't anything like that.

  8. Use the object dropper, or the reply editor, but no. Not really.

  9. Theres gonna be a lot of people saying, "what/how else would it happen". "Of course there are parallels", but that's exactly the whole point.

  10. They can't reuse FMV animations for in-game character models, and it's not the same exact animation regardless.

  11. Right, that's true. It's a totally different animation anyway.

  12. If you’re on PC or PS4, yes. For other platforms (Xbox and ps5) you’ll need to complete story missions and historical Challenges.

  13. How is it possible on PS4? Didn't know that.

  14. There's already a handful of new companies being added.

  15. The thing is, ocelot and Skullface are both in V and never in the same scene. So although it could be plausible that both ocelot and Skullface are being played by decoy, but I need more evidence. Skullface given his over acting, mask, and confusing motivations (is it ethnic cleansing or English cleansing) doesn’t fit well with ocelot’s subdued nature and attitude. Although if ocelot was in charge of programming Venom, then why is venom unable to shoot Skullface? Remember demolition man, when they released Wesley snipes and he couldn’t fire on the guy who released him from prison? He couldn’t physically bring himself to do it because he was programmed to not be able to. Same with Venom, why would Skullface be exempt from Venom firing on him, unless it was ocelot /Skullface who programmed venom?

  16. I can check the version but I was wondering if anyone else noticed or experienced this too. Might be something with my controller too if the maybe the triggers aren’t depressing fully but this is the only place I notice it.

  17. That's why I asked maybe the version changed? Haven't been playing it much.

  18. Yo, I cant wait for the new stuff, hopefully they can get some kind of a snapping feature to work. That would be really good fun.

  19. Yeah I’ve heard that strategy guide that could be bought along with rdr2 had photos of Arthur in new Austin also the trailer gameplay of Arthur in new Austin. Was wondering if it was a version before retail 1.00.

  20. I mean that is always on my mind brother. Cinematic cam, the filmer was rolling on their own board, and long lens the filmer was up in the tree. Filmers will do that lol.

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